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Epic Games
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Fortnite - 2800 V-Bucks Gift Card Key - GLOBAL

It's no surprise that Fortnite is so popular; after all, it's one of the most fun battle royale games out there, and it's not hard to see why! It's free to download and play, and it has a huge following on streaming platforms like Twitch. Fortnite is also available on a number of different gaming platforms, including PlayStationXboxNintendo Switch, PC/Mac, iOS, and Android. Anyone can play Fortnite for free, but if you want to get additional content for your game experience—like a Season Battle Pass—you can buy Fortnite 2800 V-Bucks gift card Epic Games key from us!
Fortnite is a game that was released in 2017, developed by Epic Games and is available in three different versions. It's free-to-play, and the goal of each player is to be the last one standing.

What can you purchase with your V-Bucks?

The base game of Fortnite can be played for free, but players can use real-world money to purchase in-game currency called V-Bucks if they would like extra items and gear. Gamers can use these funds to buy in-game items like characters, weapons, harvesting tools, gliders, and vehicles. The assortment of the Item Shop includes emotes, dances and musical soundtracks for the menu and loading screens. Buying Fortnite 2800 V-Bucks gift card Epic Games key will open up a world of possibilities for you, as you'll be able to purchase any item available in the Fortnite Item Shop.

Choose a Battle Pass or a Battle Bundle!

Instead of using cash to purchase the season-exclusive Fortnite items, you can use V-Bucks. The latter is a virtual currency that can also be spent on a Battle Pass or Battle Bundle. The former gives you all season-exclusive items based on your tier, and the latter includes both Battle Passes and 25 tiers' worth of progress. When you purchase a Fortnite 2800 V-Bucks gift card, you equip yourself with plenty of in-game currency to snag cool new items and equipment exclusive to this season. Plus, when the next Battle Pass rolls around—you'll still have enough funds left over for an all-new one!

Can I play Fortnite with others who have different devices?

Fortnite supports cross-platform play, so you can play the popular battle royale title with players on other consoles or devices. Fortnite's cross-platform support is available across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Windows, and Android devices.

How do I use a Fortnite V-Bucks gift card?

  • Go to the "Sign In" tab on Fortnite's homepage; 
  • Log in with your Epic Games account to complete this action. 
  • Click your mouse cursor over the name of Your Account that is in the top right corner; 
  • Select the V-Bucks Card option; 
  • Press the Get Started button;
  • Enter the code, click "Redeem," and then you'll have 2800 V-Bucks.
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5 / 5

Based on 3 reviews

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