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Nintendo eShop Cards Brasil at GameSeal

Nintendo is a company of wonder. A legend even. A brand that is said to turn to gold whatever it touches. This successfully combines the creation of video game consoles and the games themselves, and virtually all of these products achieve cult status (with small exceptions). Characters from Nintendo games have permanently entered pop culture. The charming plumber Mario, the brave warrior Link, and the lovable creature Kirby, it's hard to find a player who hasn't had any dealings with them. Nintendo is already raising the next generation of players, creating an army of loyal fans. Its offer includes games that will delight children, as well as items for slightly older players. This is a truly unique brand that has permanently entered the history of gaming and, despite several decades in the industry, is still at the forefront of the race.

The Nintendo eShop is visited daily by thousands of gamers around the world. They are looking for more gems in the store, and it's really not difficult. One of the most popular payment methods on the platform is Nintendo Switch gift cards, which offer so many benefits that it would be a sin not to take advantage of them. That's why we invite you to shop at GameSeal, where you can buy gift cards of various values, and you will be able to enter the wonderful world of Nintendo games and other games prepared especially for this platform. Are you ready?

Nintendo Switch gift cards are pretty cool and we will tell you why

What are the features of Switch gift cards that make them so popular? First of all: safety. Gift cards replace commonly used credit and debit cards, the details of which are required during transactions in online stores. This is a real attraction for thieves, who are now common online, and it’s easy to get scammed. This is not the case with gift cards, as the funds contained in them can only be used on a given platform, and no sensitive data is provided during the transaction.

Nintendo Switch gift cards are also often chosen by parents who want to allow their children to make purchases for their favorite console while keeping safety and spending control in mind. At the same time, the cards are so easy to use that even the youngest players can handle them.

There is one more aspect, namely Switch gift cards as an ideal gift for fans of the brand. If you have a person in your environment who does not part with his Switch, then giving him funds for shopping in the eShop will certainly be a hit gift. Their wish lists are always full.

What is the best place to buy gift cards?

Every major brand, both in the gaming and other industries, offers some kind of gift card for its stores (stationary and online). Customers discovered their practical features, thanks to which these products are very popular. More and more non-gaming stores offer various types of top-ups and gift cards for various gaming platforms because the interest in them is so high.

But if you're looking to save money, there aren't really any good places to buy Nintendo Switch gift cards or anything else. Why, you ask? The main reason is primarily the lack of frequent promotions, which means that customers are forced to buy cards at full price. Why spend more when you can find the same product for a lower price on GameSeal?

How to redeem Nintendo Switch gift cards?

Congratulations! You just got a Nintendo gift card. Don't know what to do next? Don't worry, GameSeal has you covered. Here is a short guide on how to activate the gift card in the eShop.

  1. Make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet.
  2. Turn on the console and perform a system update if it's required. It is necessary to continue with purchases.
  3. At the bottom of the page there's the Home menu. Enter the Nintendo eStore by clicking on the icon of the bag.
  4. Select the "Redeem code" button from the left menu.
  5. Enter your gift card key into the empty field that appears on the next screen. You will find the gift card key in the email after purchasing it on GameSeal.
  6. Select "OK".
  7. Confirm activation and you're done.

In case of problems with the code, remember that you can always contact us at any time of the day or night. Our support is there for you, and they will be happy to help you solve any issue.