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PC Building Simulator (PC) Steam Key - GLOBAL

The PC Building Simulator, created by Romanian developer Claudiu Kiss and published by The Irregular Corporation exclusively on Steam, is a critically acclaimed simulation game released in 2019. Available since early access in 2018, it already achieved acclaim from critics. The title accurately re-creates the procedures for building, maintaining, and upgrading personal computers, mostly those used for gaming. Featuring licensed components from a variety of manufacturers, it is one of the best ways to create a virtual home-based computer lab or full workshop.

The game includes three modes: career, free build, and creative. In the career mode, you'll run a computer repair business. The free build mode lets you build a PC from scratch or modify an existing one. The creative mode allows you to experiment with various design options for hardware components.

The business mode has you micromanaging finances, choosing delivery speeds for components, and looking up parts online. However, this does not apply to the PC Building Simulator game mode called Free Build. In this game mode you have the freedom to experiment with different PC components and create custom rigs in your dreams.

The Tutorial section in PC Building Simulator can be used as a tool for teaching new users about the intricacies of computer building and maintenance. The developers are aware that not everyone is familiar with these intricacies, so they carefully explain everything with attention to detail and proper ordering in mind.

PC Building Simulator is a new game that allows players to build and manage their own computer repair shop. The game features licensed parts of well-known brands such as AMD, ASUS, SilverStone, ZOTAC and G.Skill among others. Players can choose between different types of PC building experience: from a simple tutorial to complex career mode where they deal with customers and finances, taking on the role of a professional PC builder.


  • Learn to build a PC - Does building your own PC seem like an impossible task? PC Building Simulator aims to teach even the most novice PC user how their machine is put together with step-by-step instructions explaining the order parts should be assembled and providing useful information on what each part is and its function.
  • Build your dream PC - The ‘Free Build’ mode of PC Building Simulator will allow you to experiment with a large selection of accurately modeled, fully licensed parts from your favorite real-world manufacturers.
    If money was no object, what would you build?
  • Run your own business - PC Building Simulator’s career mode puts you in charge of your very own PC building and repair shop, starting from your own ‘cozy’ workshop you must use all your technical skills to complete the various jobs that come your way. Customers will provide you a range of jobs from simple upgrades and repairs to full system build which you must complete while balancing your books to ensure you are still making a profit!


  • Minimum
    • System: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Athlon X4 740 (or equivalent)
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 (2048 MB) or Radeon R9 285 (2048 MB) - Integrated GPUs may work but are not supported.
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 30 GB


4 / 5

Based on 1 reviews

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Weird verification but fast delivery and good prices


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