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Subscriptions at GameSeal

Loved by some, hated by others. Whatever our opinion on subscriptions is, they are the most popular way to obtain access to goods and services. Especially for entertainment, such as games and movies, or utilities like software. Subscriptions are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean we have to stretch our budgets for them.

Here at GameSeal, you will find all kinds of cheap subscriptions like an Xbox Game Pass at affordable prices in form of codes or gift cards you can redeem on the corresponding platform. This is also a great place to get WoW subscription and other paid accesses to your favorite games.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

To meet different customers' needs, companies like Microsoft offer variants of their subscriptions, which vary in price and available services. One of them is Xbox Game Pass.

Game pass Ultimate 12 month is the version with the most benefits. It contains access to hundreds of games you can plan on Xbox console, PC, or even in the cloud. It also includes Xbox Live Gold for online gaming and EA Play - access to a vast library of EA titles.

You can also choose between Xbox Game Pass 12 month for PC or console alone. Both include EA Play.

PlayStation Plus

With the huge success of its competitors' game pass, PlayStation decided to launch its own subscription-based service. PlayStation Plus offers three variants that you can redeem via PlayStation Plus card or with a regular purchase in the PS shop.

  • Essential - the most basic bundle for PlayStation Plus. The customer gains an access to online features, the ability to save progress in the cloud, and new titles to play every month. In addition, Essential users are granted access to some exclusive in-game content.
  • Extra - this packet offers all the Essential features plus access to the vast library of PlayStation Plus games to play at any given time. In addition, thanks to this service customers gain access to the Ubisoft+ Classics collection, which is a selection of titles from well-known game developers. 
  • Premium - the big gun of all variants. It contains all the features from Essential and Extra packets, and unlimited access to the whole PlayStation games library, including titles exclusive to PlayStation Plus. The most important feature of this variant is cloud gaming - the newest technology based on streaming. Some say it’s the future of gaming because it can work on any computer (or smart device), no matter its capacities.
PS Plus 12 month is great for people who frequently jump between games and don’t want to ruin their budget by buying the titles separately. You can find the best deals for Playstation Gift Card online here on GameSeal.

Where to buy a cheap Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack?

Nintendo Online Expansion Pack is a must-have if you have a Nintendo Switch. It allows you to connect with friends, family, and players all over the world in online games, and save your progress in the cloud. It’s extremely convenient when you buy a new device and don’t want to lose game saves.

It is also a great service for retro gamers, who can experience on their new console hundreds of classic Nintendo Games for Nintendo 64, NES and SNES titles, and SEGA games. Unfortunately, unlike Xbox Game Pass and similar services, it doesn’t grant access to newer games.

Another reason to get Nintendo Switch Expansion Pack is an exclusive entree to new demos, and free DLC for games like Animal Crossing or Splatoon.

Other subscriptions

Many platforms offer subscriptions for their services. One of the most popular ones is Microsoft 365 Family, which along with Xbox Game Pass is one of the most frequently purchased Microsoft subscriptions. It is a great product for families (up to 6 members) or small teams. It offers premium access to Office 365 Family (with exclusive content like themes, templates, fonts, icons, photos, and more). Additionally, members can make use of 1TB of storage in the cloud.

Other popular subscriptions are for streaming services, like Netflix or Disney Plus. They slowly replace traditional television, and for some people, these subscriptions are like old cable TV bills. At GameSeal you can find great Netflix gift card and Disney Plus gift card, that won’t make your wallet cry.