The Best cheap Games, Subscriptions and Gift cards for Xbox

Xbox Games at GameSeal

The history of console gaming reaches as far as the 70s. When nobody even dreamed of owning a personal computer, not to mention it being capable of gaming, gaming consoles were THE way to experience the best games of that time. Even after the rise in popularity of PCs and their development in gaming, consoles, undoubtedly, remained as leading players in the gaming market. This potential didn’t go under the radar of the PC software developer Microsoft, which decided to develop a console of their own: the Xbox.

Generation after generation, Xboxes provided entertainment for people around the world. The huge variety of Xbox games and the introduction of subscription-based access to a library of thousands of titles (called Xbox Game Pass) make the console a very popular choice among gamers.

How can you get Xbox game keys?

One of the reasons why Xbox is such a popular platform is because it has a very versatile ecosystem of services, allowing to buy and access games in different ways and on different devices. It is also great for family entertainment, thanks to a variety of 2 player Xbox one games.

The most popular service is Xbox gamepass subscription, which provides access to the library of games. It’s revolutionary because it changed the way games are distributed. Instead of buying a specific title, a player can pay to gain access to many games at the time. The gamepass can be also used on PC, so the achievements and game progress is cross saved between platforms. What a time to be alive!

How much is Xbox gamepass?

There are different variants of Xbox pass subscriptions, and their price depends on additional services provided, the number of available games, and how many months in advance you would like to pay. The most popular option is Xbox game pass ultimate 12 months, which allows unlimited access to the Xbox library for a whole year.

Thanks to GameSeal you can get Xbox game pass codes cheap and enjoy thousands of popular titles from your couch. All 100% safe and legitimate.

Are there any more ways to buy Xbox games?

If you are not keen on the idea of Xbox game pass ultimate, you can always use the good ol’ way of using game keys. GameSeal offers them too. In this way, you can redeem any game you want, or, if you change your mind, also an Xbox pass.

You can get keys for yourself, or make a great gift for your friends or family with Xbox gift card digital code. What is it? It’s like a gift card to your favorite store. The recipient gets funds to spend on whatever they like in the Xbox Store. That way you can be sure that your gift is spot-on!

How to choose the best Xbox game?

Choices. Sometimes it’s hard to make one, especially when it comes to picking a game to have fun with. There are many popular titles to choose from, but first, let’s think about what kind of adventure you would like to start. One of the most popular games is Xbox split screen games.

Gaming can be a very social experience, and it always has been for consoles, when two players could share one device (with two controllers) and have fun together. You can find all the best split screen xbox one games here, on GameSeal.

How to activate Xbox codes and other keys?

Don’t worry, Xbox code activation is easy peasy. It’s all the same for regular games, Game Pass, and other services. So how to do it?

If you would like to redeem a code on the website (ex. for Xbox game pass PC):

  • First, you will need a key. You can find it in an email from us, after a successful purchase. The key looks like a string of numbers and letters.

  • Then, go to this website: and find the Redeem code option (if you were not signed in, you will be asked to do so).

  • Click Redeem, copy-paste the key, and confirm.

  • And… it’s done. Good job!

If you would like to redeem a code via console:

  • Find the Store on your home screen.

  • Under Categories > Games find Use a Code button.

  • Type in the code and confirm.

  • Enjoy!

Remember! Once you redeem the key, it expires and you can’t use it again. Happy gaming!