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What are AAA Games?

But what exactly are AAA games? These are high budget titles developed by well-known studios and are considered to be blockbuster hits before they are even released. A prime example of a AAA game is GTA5, developed by Rockstar and a bestseller for almost a decade. Its vast open world, interesting storyline, and online mode make it a favorite for millions of players worldwide.

Popular Game Genres

When it comes to game genres, some are more popular than others. FPS (First Person Shooter) games, racing games like Dirt Showdown, and sports games are particularly popular. It's worth noting that online games are more in demand than single player options, indicating that gamers enjoy playing with others. Sandbox games, like Terraria and Minecraft, are also bestsellers due to the endless gameplay possibilities they offer. The Sims 4, a simulation game, has also been a bestseller for years thanks to its expansion packs and customization options.

The Appeal of Horror Games

Horror games are another top choice for many players, providing a thrilling virtual reality experience. The best horror games on Steam always rank high on the top lists. These games are also popular among streamers, who play the scariest games on Steam to show their viewers' reactions to jump scares. If you want to get in on the action, check out GameSeal for cheap game keys - just beware of any horror-induced nightmares!

The Popularity of Split Screen Games

Split screen games, which allow multiple players to join in on the same device, are also popular among gamers who enjoy socializing and playing together. These games are often used at parties and gatherings to bring even non-gamers in front of the screen. Games like It Takes Two frequently top the sale lists. Split screen PC games may require additional gaming pads for comfort, but these days, it's easy to play together with split screen Xbox One or PlayStation games.