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How many of us, looking at the state of the world economy, think: I could do it better? Fortunately, there is a way to see how we would manage the economy in a particular environment, and that’s when economy games shine. Of course, like everything about economics, even the nomenclature in the genre is a complicated matter. That’s why we can encounter various names for such games: business simulation games, economic simulation games, tycoon games, etc.

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What Defines an Economy Game?

Many games have some element of economy in them, but they can’t really be described as games about economy. Only titles that are fully focused on managing economic processes can be recognized as economy video games. They require certain skills to be successful and achieve game main goals, which can be pretty hard for casual players. It’s good to have an analytical mind and the ability to micromanage – to closely observe and strictly control the ongoing processes. Decision-making is a key, so be ready for your brain to do some heavy lifting.

Bad news for folks who hate math – games with economy can usually be condensed into an Excel table, and a key to winning is to discover the algorithm that controls the gameplay. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring like a math homework. Most games about economy are simulators of some sort, offering a realistic representation of businesses or situations. Even without strategic sense, players can still have fun observing the processes taking place and trying to guess what decisions to make to achieve desired results.

A Brief History of Business Simulation Games

Thanks to the gameplay, which practically does not require any graphic design, economy games were created before the invention of the first graphical environment for operating systems. The first economy management game, The Sumerian Game, was released in 1964, and it was a text-based simulation of a Sumerian city-state Lagash.

Fun fact: one of the earliest economy simulation games, M.U.L.E., created by Danielle Bunten Berry, and released in 1983, in a way predicted the history of MMO games. The title remains one of Electronic Arts' most awarded works.

In modern day, the potential of economy video games is used in education in fields like marketing, hospitality, and economy. The realistic simulations of various situations help students learn about them and their consequences.

Top Economy Games You Can Find at GameSeal

Because of the high entry barrier, economy video games rarely make it to the bestseller lists, but there are still many titles that have achieved commercial success and those that have influenced the genre in some way.

One of the top games about economy is based in the 19th century Victoria 3. Fans of oceanic tropical climates and island management will definitely have fun with Port Royale 4 or Tropico franchise. Looking for some in-the-office theme? Try Game Dev Tycoon and Startup Company. If you would like to dive in into the genre, you also can’t miss the classic Monopoly game, which has been ported to PC and consoles. There is also a great offer for train fans. The Railway Empire, and it’s many DLCs will keep you entertained for hours.