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Have you ever been in a situation like this: you're playing a game, leaning around a corner to pinpoint the enemy's position, victory is almost at your fingertips… and then you get a headshot, game over, credits? Yea, so there are no situations like that with hack and slash games. Here we fight like men and die like men, with melee weapons in our hands. Hack and slash is a genre derived from beat 'em up games, mainly focusing on melee combat, with no or sporadic use of ranged weapons. So, before you deliver the final blow, you can look your opponent in the eye. That’s metal.

The Characteristics of Hack and Slash Games

You're in the right place if you're looking for the best hack and slash games. GameSeal has a vast offer of cheap games with instant delivery. No more waiting and refreshing your inbox. Join the fun right away! Sign in to our newsletter to be the first to know about incoming discounts and get exclusive deals on hack and slash games for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and many more. What are hack and slash games, and what are their characteristics? Under the long name of hack and slash, there is a sub-genre of beat 'em up games. Fun fact: did you know that it originates from tabletop pen-and-paper role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons? It was used to describe a play style focused on violence and little to no plot elements. It was also used in action games on arcades and consoles to name games with real-time combat with the use of melee weapons instead of fists. Also known as character action games, hack and slash games have many fans who enjoy fast-paced gameplay and uncomplicated structure. Because let’s be honest, there are days when we can spend hours calmly solving puzzles and devising a mastermind strategy, but there are also days when we just want to unwind, let some steam off and kick some butts. And this is when hack and slash shine.

The History of Hack and Slash Games

As we mentioned before, the term hack and slash developed long before the first video games. In the time when “gaming together” meant gathering around the table and playing tabletop games using only pen, paper, and imagination. After the popularization of arcades and home game consoles, hack and slash was a loose description of action role-playing games with real-time combat and hand-to-hand weapons. It is only in the 21st century that this term along with "slash 'em up" has become a separate subgenre in gaming. When we discuss hack and slash games, it is worth mentioning a few titles that were influential to the genre. Many of them are from the 1980s, which was a golden decade for traditional 2D side-scrolling games. The most notable examples are The Legend of Kage, released in 1985, and Rastan in 1987. A well-known video game company, Sega, had its share in the genre’s development with the Shinobi and The Golden Axe series. Other important titles are: the Ninja Gaiden (named Shadow Warriors when released for Nintendo) and Capcom's Strider. Only when games reached the 3D era and titles focused on melee gameplay appeared, then we can talk about the development of a typical hack and slash genre.

The Best Hack and Slash Games of All Time

As a fairly new genre, hack and slash games for PC and other platforms don’t have dozens of examples to represent them.