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After the tremendous commercial success of Steam, other popular game publishers decided to try their hand at the digital distribution service. It was no different with Electronic Arts – a video game company with an established position in the market, operating in the gaming industry since 1982. The Origin software had everything a modern digital distribution platform should have and more. But somehow, something didn’t work as planned, and EA decided to discontinue support for the Origin client for Windows, replacing it with EA App. Origin games and the client are still supported on Mac and mobile.

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The origin story of Origin

At a time when the Internet was not very common, video games lost their support and the ability to update when they were released on CD. There were occasional situations when game publishers released patches for their products on CDs added to computer games magazines, but in the long run it was neither effective nor profitable. Electronic Arts was one of the first big publishers, that attempted to create software able to extend this support, and offer purchases for additional content to their games. Origin's ancestor, EA Downloader, debuted in 2005 and underwent many updates and name changes before it finally transformed into Origin, which had its release in 2011.

A lesser-known fact is that the Origin brand has been around since the 80s. Originally, Origin Systems was the name of a large game studio operating at the turn of the 80s and 90s. It was bought by Electronic Arts in 1992, which thus acquired the right to the brand. Origin games remained dormant for years before it saw the light of day and became the main Steam competitor. 

Origin games and functionality

The main purpose of Origin was to allow users to buy Origin games and additional content for them, as well as update the games that were already downloaded. Along with Steam, Origin became a so-called gaming library for many players, allowing to keep all their titles in one place. It was very convenient and made the management of many games at once (e.g. their updates) significantly easier.

In addition, players could turn on the special in-game overlay that featured chat, web browser, and even options to stream via popular streaming service Twitch. An interesting feature was also the ability to collect achievements and share them with friends via rich community tools. Origin focused on cooperative gaming by allowing friends to form groups and play online games together.

EA App brings PC gaming to the next level

Electronic Arts (EA) is ushering in a new era of PC gaming by introducing the EA App, a streamlined and enhanced platform designed to provide a faster and more efficient gaming experience for Windows users. Available to all PC gamers running Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, the EA App replaced Origin as Electronic Arts' primary platform for downloading and launching PC games. This transition ensures that you can seamlessly access your games and content without re-downloading; save data, achievements, in-game stats, friends lists, and in-game purchases were smoothly carried over to the EA App, providing a hassle-free transition for PC gamers. At the same time Origin retired as the legacy client, Origin for Mac will continue to serve Mac users. If you've been playing your EA games on Steam or Epic, you'll receive guidance on which app to download directly through the Steam or Epic stores, ensuring you can continue enjoying your favourite titles with ease. The EA App provides an elevated experience for PC gamers by combining the best features of both storefronts into one cohesive experience.

What are the best games on EA App?

Electronic Arts has collaborated with many publishers, thanks to which the Ea App library is full of the latest and greatest titles. During many marketing campaigns, players could also snatch a few free games on Origin which undoubtedly contributed to the growth of the site's popularity. One of such games was the whole The Sims 2 collection, made available for free after EA dropped support for it. 

Origin did not have many exclusive titles available only for this platform. The most recognizable is Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. This tower defense game with eye-catching graphics has won the hearts of millions of players around the world. 

The most important games on EA App, however, are big EA hits. Because let’s not forget that EA App was designed with the mission of selling and maintaining them. The most notable franchises that are the absolute bestsellers on the platform are: The Sims, Battlefield, Dead Space, FIFA, EA SPORTS FC and Crysis. You can find the best games on EA App at GameSeal – your friendly neighborhood gaming shop.