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Couch co-op games for PC at Gameseal

The amazing thing about gaming is that you can share it with other people. There are many options for online games that allow people from all over the world to connect and play together, but there are also titles you can enjoy together sitting on the same couch.

2 player games and every other local co-op game are great for friends, couples, and families, and are an amazing way to get the party started. Depending on the mood, players can choose from chill titles they can enjoy while sitting under a comfy blanket, or ramp up the challenge and compete in movement-based games.

Are there any good split screen PC games?

PCs are the most versatile devices for gaming, and all the titles mentioned above are available to purchase on this platform. However, many of them may require you to buy two separate gaming pads. Playing on a single keyboard can be doable with one keyboard, but titles with more complicated mechanics are easier to play with a pad. To lower expenses, you can find cheap games at Gameseal

How old are couch co-op games?

Games like It Takes Two take top lists by storm. Because local multiplayer gaming is almost as old as gaming itself. It’s not entirely clear what was the first two-player game, but most leads point to Fire Truck developed by Atari in 1978. In this small game, you had to cooperate with your partner to drive a fire truck, and it wasn’t an easy task. With the premiere of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1983, gaming consoles became more suitable for co-op gameplay and a golden era of local multiplayer began.

What are the best split screen games for PC?

Let’s start with a big gun. It Takes Two is probably the best or one of the best 2 player games. Its secret is in engaging mechanics and focus on teamplay. Only a joint effort of two players can complete the game. It Takes Two split screen makes it a perfect couch co-op. But be warned, some of the quests might be too drastic for sensitive people.

A Way Out is one of the games similar to It Takes Two. Mainly because it’s made by the same studio, but also because of the characteristic split-screen that cuts the screen in half allowing both players for independent exploration. In this adventure, we help two men escape prison. With game progression, we can observe the development of their relationship and make choices that have consequences. Thanks to the amazing storyline A Way Out is still one of the best split screen games.

Enough with the heavy atmosphere, let’s have a look at some really chill titles. Constantly hanging out in best games top lists, Overcooked is a highlight of co-op games for PC and other platforms. In this game, you become a cook, and each level is a different restaurant environment you have to work in. The main goal is to complete orders, but it’s not so simple. With many obstacles, teamwork is key!

Other titles worth mentioning are Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and the Tekken series.  You can also look for more split screen games on Gameseal.