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Some people say that life is a big adventure. But let’s just say that this adventure can be a little boring at times, and there’s nothing wrong with adding a little colour to it. It is not without reason that gaming is used by many people as an escape from reality. One of the most popular genres, adventure games, have entertained players since the dawn of gaming, delivering thrills, intricate puzzles, and captivating storylines.

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A brief history of adventure games
The history of computer games goes back further than the history of the Internet. The first video game was revealed to the world in 1958, and it was a sports game called “Tennis for Two”. Since then, evolution of gaming has begun, and along with the creation of new titles, game genres began to develop.
What is an adventure game? In this genre, the player assumes the role of a protagonist in the showed story. They have to explore and complete various tasks to progress. An important element is emphasis on telling the story. Adventure games are usually a single-player experience, but there are also titles designed for cooperative play.
The first adventure game, Colossal Cave Adventure, has been released in 1976. It was different from adventure action games we know today because it was text-based, which means it did not have any graphical environment. Back in the day, no one even thought about games with graphics, because of the hardware and software limitations.
But the lack of visual aspect didn’t take away from the charm of the game. A well-written story took the player on an exploration expedition in numerous cave system locations. During their trip, adventurers could move around, find items, treasures and gold, and interact with them by typing simple, two-word commands. The game described results of actions and the player's location, making it the first example of interactive fiction. Colossal Cave Adventure was a massive success and inspired the creation of many games, as long as few game genres.
What are the best adventure games of all time?
When questions like this arise, it’s hard to find an impartial answer because tastes differ. We can, however, try to make a list of the best adventure games based on popularity. Using data from Metacritic, we can list the five best adventure games of all time.
Journey – A perfect example why indie games should be treated with full seriousness, like AAA games. In Journey, the player goes on a… well… journey through the desert. It’s a short trip, but full of adventures.
Minecraft – There’s a reason why Minecraft is the highest-grossing game of all time. This sandbox-like game gives players almost unlimited possibilities for world exploration and building experience, making it one of the best action adventure games of all time.
The Walking Dead – Zombie theme never gets old. A beautiful story set in a world infested by the dead won the hearts of players around the world.
Grim Fandango – Great games don’t have to be young, as Grim Fandango proves. Released in 1998, GF broke the rule of point-and-click adventure games, and introduced the keyboard or pad control settings.
The Last Of Us – Another zombie set title on the list? We’re starting to see the pattern. For many, the best game of all time, TLOU tells a story of Joel and Ellie, who travel across post zombie-apocalyptic United States.
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