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Every gamer at least once in their life played some kind of shooter game. They accompany gaming from its very beginning, being one of the oldest game genres. Shooter games require certain skills, like fast reflexes and spatial awareness, which makes them challenging, and also fun to watch. That’s why some shooter titles are perfect for e-sport, and are very popular among regular players despite the passage of time.
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What are shooter games?
Let’s start with describing what conditions a game have to meet to be called a shooter. It has to be a combat-based story, where the player can defeat their enemies with provided weapons, usually long-range ones. Such weapons can be used with additional equipment like armors, or grenades. To progress through the game, the player has to manage resources, frequently health and ammunition, and change or upgrade their weapons to deal more damage.
Depending on the perspective of a controlled avatar, there are two types of shooter games: first- and third-person shooters. To enhance the immersion, first-person shooter games are more often chosen by players, and for that reason, they’re more popular. But that doesn’t mean third-person shooters are all bad. For each their own!
Another distinction is the division according to the type of opponent player encounters. Gamers who like challenges and competition with other players can pick up multiplayer online shooter games, meanwhile those of us who appreciate solitary gameplay, can face computer controlled NPCs in single player titles. With numerous interesting titles on the market, everyone can find the right game for themselves.
A brief history of shooter games
Along with adventure and action games, shooters are another genre that has been with us since the dawn of gaming. Even before video games came along, a concept of shooting games existed, for example in the 19th century as shooting gallery carnival games, and then later as shooting sports.
The first video game shooter was Spacewar! from 1962, which was also one of the first video games ever. And if that wasn't enough, it was also multiplayer. How cool is that? The idea was simple: two players controlled two spaceships, the first one to shoot an opponent wins. To make things harder, there was a star in the middle of the screen, that would suck in ships if the player wasn’t careful enough.
A lot of time has passed since then, and thanks to modern technology we can play shooter games with beautiful graphics, and realistic physics. This genre is also very popular in e-sport, attracting fans from all over the world.

What are the best shooter games?

If you would like to dive into the world of shooters, there are plenty of titles to choose from. It can be overwhelming, but don’t worry. Here’s our short list of the best games to get to know the genre.

Counter Strike – This game can probably serve as a perfect example of first-person shooter games. Often called the greatest competitive FPS game ever made, it influenced the creation of many games in the genre, and its improved version, CS:GO, is one of the most popular titles in e-sports competitions.

Half-life series – Isn’t it just perfect when a game offers not only a great shooting experience, but also tells a story well? This is precisely what Half-life series is.

Call of Duty series – These games have it all, you can pick a release based on single player experience, or pick up another title with multiplayer focus. The choice is yours to make.

Shooter games are among the most important genres in gaming. Millions of people play them every day, and if you would like to join them, GameSeal is your place to do it. Browse trough catalog of shooter games for PS4, PC, and other platforms in great prices, and join the fun!