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There is only one situation when you can say, “Oh boy, I hit him so hard that he flew up and passed out”, and it will be socially acceptable. This situation is talking about fighting games and your last spectacular encounter. Fighting games are another proof that computer games can be a healthy and safe outlet for negative emotions that we feel every day. There’s nothing better than coming home after a frustrating day and kicking some virtual butts. Bonus points for hitting a high score!

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What are fighting games?

Like every genre, fighting games share some distinctive elements and mechanics. They are all combat-focused, with the player being on one side, and the opponent (controlled by a computer or another player) on the other. Multiplayer scenarios are also possible. The battle takes place in a clearly marked arena, which limits the character's range of motion. In the platform fighters, encounters happen on platforms of different heights. Each fight is divided into several rounds, and the one who wins the most rounds wins.

The most characteristic feature of fighting games is horizontal navigation. Characters can move left and right, up and down, and that’s all. When we discuss controls, it is worth mentioning the distinctive set of moves that appear in games of this genre. Apart from the usual hand-to-hand combat, fights often involve blocking, counter-attacking, kicking, jumping, dashing, and chain attacks, that, if performed in the right order, create a combo rewarded with a higher score. 

A brief history of fighting games 

Martial arts movies from the 70s, with famous movie stars like Bruce Lee, strongly influenced the creation of fighting games. Same with anime fighting games that were inspired by Japanese manga and anime. The first games from the genre were simple boxing games that belonged more to the sports category, but titles like Sega’s Heavyweight Champ were necessary steps before the martial arts games has been released. 

Technōs Japan’s Karate Champ released in 1984 was the first game to popularize the fighting genre. It was different from the previous combat-based games because it wasn’t afraid to let go of realistic movements and introduced some exaggerated movements for better effect. In the following year, fighting games came to arcades and attracted many games. They still weren’t as popular as the more extensive side-scrolling beat 'em ups, but their time was yet to come.

And that time has come in the 90s. Fighting games finally broke into the mainstream, thanks to iconic brands like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter was the first fighter game featuring local cooperation, which made him almost doomed to success, meanwhile Mortal Kombat stole the hearts of players with beautiful graphics and satisfying combo mechanics called Fatality. 

What are the best fighting games?

Today we have numerous great games to choose from, with a whole new sub-genre that was born from the original category. Anime fighting games tempt fans of the land of the rising sun with well-designed characters and arenas. The King Of Fighters 13, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, and Dragon Ball FighterZ are the prime examples of the best fighting games made in anime style.

Handheld gaming fans will be pleased to hear that there are also many great fighting games for Nintendo Switch. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is a nod to the classic along with Mortal Kombat 11. Another great title is Pokkén Tournament DX which will delight Pokémon fans. 

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