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You might wonder what is so exciting about simulator games, since they’re designed to emulate real life. We’re IN a real life all the time, right? The answer is: yes, but there’s more to it. Simulation games are loved by gamers all over the world, and new titles in this genre are systematically appearing on the gaming market. Such games are very immersive and allow players to experience activities that they would otherwise not be able to do. 

As gamers ourselves, here at GameSeal we love simulator games. Fellow gamers can find in our catalog a number of great simulation titles to try or revisit. And the best part, your wallet doesn’t have to suffer because we offer the best deals around. So check out our simulator category and expand your gaming library with some new titles. If you still don’t know what to pick, consider subscribing to our newsletter to be always updated about new discounts and premieres. You won’t miss a thing!

What are simulator games really about?

The main idea behind simulation games is to put players in a situation emulating real life activities, but with a gaming twist. Regular simulators are very useful in education, science, and all that important stuff, but simulator games are made with having fun in mind. The most characteristic feature of simulations is the lack of clearly defined end goal and finish line. It’s the player's choice to decide what’s going on, or when and how the simulation ends. 

There are many simulation games to choose from. Some of them are high-budget productions, that focus on reflecting activities down to the smallest detail, others are fun games that are not afraid to be a little less realistic but more entertaining.

The best simulation games have one thing in common: they all allow players to experience things that would be hard to do in real life. Because let’s be honest, how many of us can afford an airplane pilot training or own a railway empire? 

We can name a few subcategories of simulator games.

    Construction and management simulations – games where players can manage virtual communities, build them and expand, but typically with limited resources. Examples: Cities Skylines, Sims City,
  • Life simulation games – This name is pretty straight-forward. In games about life simulation, players are responsible for controlling artificial life forms. They don’t necessarily have to be humans! Examples: The Sims series, Spore.
  • Sport simulators – Most sport games can technically be called simulators, but there are also titles that focus on management aspect. Examples: Football Manager.
  • Vehicle simulator games – Probably the most popular subgenre. In this category rule flight simulation games and driving simulation games. Examples: Microsoft Flight Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator.
  • Others – We can probably say there is a simulation game for everything, and we wouldn’t be wrong. The genre is very vast, and new titles spring up like mushrooms. Examples: Goat Simulator, PC Building Simulator. 

What are the best simulation games?

As with every list we make, it's good to mention that nothing is written in stone, and if your favorite game is not mentioned, it doesn’t mean the game is bad, or unpopular. Our lists are subjective and point out titles that in our opinion are a great way to explore the genre. Here we go, a list of the best simulator games according to GameSeal!

When we write this text, the undisputed king of simulation games is Microsoft Flight Simulator, awarded with many industry awards. Not far behind are longtime favorites, The Sims 4 and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Enthusiasts of simple life may want to try Farming Simulator 22, construction enjoyers will definitely love Cities Skylines, meanwhile sport fans can try Football Simulator 2020. If these titles don’t feel appealing enough, and you want a little mayhem in your life, the Goat Simulator series will definitely bring a smile to your face. 

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