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Kerbal Space Program (PC) Steam Key - GLOBAL

Why you should buy Kerbal Space Program:

  • You wanna explore the universe,
  • You're into science and experimenting,
  • You like simulators.

Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulation that lets you lead a race of adorable aliens called Kerbals. As the head of their space program, you'll have to take care of such aspects as building spaceships, constructing space stations, managing crewmembers, and many more!

On April 27, 2015, Squad and Private Division released Kerbal Space Program, a space flight simulator game that takes place in an alternate universe where the space race of the 20th century was fueled by the popularization of rocketry in the early 1900s. The game has received positive reviews from critics and its fans alike, who praise its physics engine for being able to replicate realistic launch conditions based on its players' construction choices.

The Steam key for Kerbal Space Program allows players to simulate activities with as much realism as possible, adding a few bits of fantasy as well. It's full of various elements to engage with as well as tasks to do. However, it's all up to you -- whether you want to be productive or completely careless about what's going on, you can succeed in the game. Create your own fantasy and enjoy the freedom the game offers!

The Kerbal Space Program key contains the following gameplay elements: cartoon-like visuals for worldbuilding, a game appropriate for players of all ages, indie origins ("created by an independent team"), and physics-based principles.

How realistic is Kerbal Space Program?

Even though Kerbals are purely fictional, the game features pretty realistic aerodynamics, mechanics, and physics. As a result, you can experiment with many factors, such as the placement of spaceship parts, to see how it affects the outcome of your tests. You will not only build vessels and stations but also research new technologies and train Kerbal astronauts. The fate of the entire Kerbal Space Program lies in your hands. 

Diverse game modes

The game offers three game modes.

  • Career Mode - you'll have to take care of the program that will let Kerbalkind explore the cosmos,
  • Science Mode - this mode emphasizes science, so you'll make discoveries and advance Kerbals knowledge by performing experiments,
  • Sandbox - you can build spaceships and use technology without any limitations.

Moreover, you'll have a chance to try Kerbal Space Program mods created by the community. 


  • Three diverse game modes,
  • Realistic physics,
  • Vast managing options,
  • Tons of options,
  • Mod support.


  • Minimum
    • System: Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
    • Graphics: DX10 (SM 4.0) capable, 512 MB VRAM 
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Drive Space: 3 GB
  • Recommended
    • System: Windows 10, 64-bit
    • Processor: Core i5
    • Graphics: DX10 (SM 4.0) capable, 1 GB VRAM
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Drive Space: 4 GB


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