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PlayStation Games at GameSeal

Gaming consoles are the real veterans of gaming. And among them, an unconditional hero: the PlayStation. Since 1994 next generations of PlayStation consoles provided entertainment for people all over the world, making the PS one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time.

A lot has changed since the initial release of the first PlayStation. During most of its history, PlayStation games were distributed on CDs, but with the digital revolution that started on PCs, and popularized digital game keys, PS had to catch up. With the fifth generation of consoles, PlayStation introduced a model without the CD drive for the first time. Thanks to PS being more open to game codes, GameSeal can offer deals for PlayStation games that will knock your socks off.

Cheap PS5 games - where to get them?

Thanks to new technology, PS5 games offer amazing visuals and performance. Along with popular titles of PlayStation-only exclusives (games that are available to play only on PlayStation), this console can satisfy the needs of even the most hardcore gamers. With many PS5 games on sale, it’s easy to start this adventure.
Buying PlayStation games from the PSN store might be a little expensive, but GameSeal has you covered. With our PS5 game deals, you can shop for thousands of game titles without ruining your budget. You can choose from game keys, or make a great gift for friends or family with a PS5 gift card. One thing is for sure: GameSeal has the best deals around.
Apart from PS5 game keys, you can also shop for some PlayStation wallet charges or a PlayStation Plus card - a subscription that gives access to a vast library of games and additional services, like online gaming.

Cheap PS4 games? Search no more

Oldie but goodie - PlayStation 4 still has many fans all over the world. Offering an amazing performance and a vast library of game titles, it is still a popular console among players, and rightly so. One of the greatest advantages of having an older PlayStation is how cheap PlayStation 4 games are.
So dive in and pick your next adventure. Would you pick from some popular FPS or a single-player RPG with an interesting story? It’s up to you. GameSeal can offer only digital game codes PS4 at an affordable price and hope you will have fun.

What is a PlayStation Plus?

To offer an even better gaming experience for their gamer fans, PlayStation introduced subscription-based access to its gaming library called PlayStation Plus. It was a revolution because the “traditional” way of game distribution, required a person to buy a game on the CD (or digital) form and become its owner. Now, thanks to PlayStation Plus and its variants (like PlayStation 365 days), buying specific titles is not necessary. For the price of the monthly (or yearly) subscription, a client can have access to all the PlayStation games.

The number and titles that can be played, and additional services, differ between PlayStation Plus variants. The cheapest option (Essential) offers a few titles rotation monthly, and a possibility to play online. More games can be found in the Extra variant. But it’s PlayStation Plus Premium that offers unlimited access and all the other benefits.

How to activate key for PlayStation games or any other code

Inserting a CD into your PlayStation and just starting your game is easy. But here we will explain how to redeem PSN codes, like for example PlayStation gift card.
But first, what is a “code” exactly? It’s a string of numbers and letters that represent a game or service you can redeem on a corresponding platform. You receive it in the email after a successful purchase in online shops.

Ok, I have the code. Now what?

  • First, launch your PlayStation and navigate to the PlayStation store on your home screen.
  • Open the shop, and find the option Redeem Codes in the menu.
  • Type in the code you received.
  • Continue through the dialogue boxes, and accept the Terms and Services.
  • …and you're done!
This way you can redeem your PlayStation Games and many more. But remember, you can use the code only once.