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Xbox Game Pass PC at GameSeal

Can we talk about a new era in the field of video games on consoles? The emergence of gaming subscriptions has definitely influenced the way games are distributed and how players make their purchasing decisions. Xbox Game Pass is certainly not a starter to gaming subscriptions, with a history dating back as far as the 80s. It certainly has been a huge commercial success and was the reason why the rival PlayStation brand was forced to release its answer to this service. Players around the world have loved the opportunity to test games as part of a recurring fee.

To meet the diverse expectations of its customers, Xbox Game Pass is available in variants that differ in content, duration, and platform (thanks to PC Game Pass, PC master race participants can also participate in the fun). All subscription variants, as well as many other gaming products that you will love, can be found on GameSeal – your best gaming store. Enjoy low prices and instant delivery in a store you'll come back to for more.

Xbox Game Pass PC – your pass to the ultimate gaming experience

So, what is this whole Game Pass thing? It is a subscription brought to life by Microsoft in 2017, which turned out to be a real earthquake in the industry. It completely turned upside down the current model of video game distribution, in which players bought individual titles and became their owners (to put it very simply). Xbox Game Pass provides players with access to selected games in exchange for a subscription fee. The titles rotated, and some of them could be added to the player's library permanently for free or at a discounted price. In this way, the previously closed door to testing games with no strings attached was opened to the players.

The subscription brings several cool benefits, thanks to which it has stolen the hearts of players around the world. Users could get to know titles that they would not have looked at before, or could not buy them due to the high price. In addition, the higher-level Game Pass plan, Xbox Game Pass PC, also included backwards compatibility for many legacy Xbox games, such as the Halo series. It's a real treat for gamers who want to relive the excitement of playing the games they played in their youth.

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – what’s the difference?

Many long names, different prices and services in the package. It's no wonder that you can be a little lost when you first encounter the various Xbox Game Pass bundles. Fortunately, the friendly GameSeal comes to the rescue to explain the main differences to everyone.

Regular Game Pass is dedicated to less hardcore players who want to enjoy console entertainment to the fullest. By purchasing this subscription, the user receives access to the Xbox game library and can play any titles contained therein until he cancels the subscription or the game disappears from the list of available items.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is for those players who want it all. The highest package offers many additional services, such as:

  • Xbox Live Gold included (online multiplayer available)
  • EA Play, i.e. access to the best titles of a well-known studio
  • Exclusive in-game content for many games
  • Xbox Game Studios games available at premiere day

Probably everyone who owns a Microsoft console should test Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to fully feel the ultimate gaming experience. And best of all, you can do it cheaply and however you want, because you can find Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on GameSeal for super low price.

But GameSeal, I don't have a console, only PC. Can I still have the Game Pass?

We're thrilled you asked because the answer is... YES! Microsoft has met the expectations of all players, including those on PC, by providing a special PC Game Pass service. Thanks to it, you can enjoy all the benefits of the basic version of Xbox Game Pass on a personal computer.

In addition, this bundle also includes the EA Play package and additional content that only members can receive. So, you don't need a console to fully enjoy the fantastic features of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.