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Welcome to the world of PC games, where the only limit is your hardware. From a niche hobby, only a few could afford, to one of the most popular forms of entertainment: games for PC came a long way.

At first, they had to fight in a seemingly lost fight against arcades and consoles – devices made specifically for gaming purposes. How a PC (Personal Computer) could compete with them as equipment intended for work? Fortunately, some game designers saw its potential, and history began.

How to get cheap PC games?

Back in the day, to buy PC games required a bit more effort than today. You had to get to the store or order it through the mail. Not to mention how hard it was to find the desired title at a good price. Thankfully, these times are over, and it’s super easy to shop for cheap PC games. With only a few clicks and keystrokes, you can find PC game deals here, on GameSeal.

Cheap games for PC – how it all began?

The most important event that changed the way games are sold (like a neolithic revolution of gaming distribution), was the introduction of PC game keys. Game keys did exist before, in a different form, as a CD key printed on a game box. They were needed to activate the product once it was installed from a CD (yeah, wild).

What makes PC games cheap?

Another big turn point for PC games sales was the emergence of Steam. And it hit hard. It was the first platform that allowed to collect and storage games in innovative, digital form, with complete disposal of physical copies. Cheap Steam keys started to be available to the wider public. Soon, many similar platforms appeared on the games' distribution market, and the golden age of gaming we live in has begun.

The golden age of PC game deals is now

The disappearance of physical copies opened new ways of game distribution for game developers and sellers. Selling games became significantly easier, and because of that, also cheaper. Discounted PC games started flooding the market, especially older titles that were still popular among the gaming community. The most important aspect of distribution change was, however, time. Traditional distribution always required some time before a person could obtain the desired title, either by mail or by shopping in stationary shop. Thanks to online distribution, shopping for cheap Steam games is basically instant.
With all these facilitations, game distribution platforms competing with each other started pc game sales to attract clients, making being a PC gamer these days very easy with cheap games.

Is it safe to buy PC game keys?

Some people have doubts about shopping for PC games in key shops. This is completely understandable and we will explain to you why it is safe to buy and download games for PC that way. GameSeal is not a reseller, meaning the game keys we sell come from reputable sources, like game developers themselves. From AAA games to less-known titles, you can find them here. We don’t use third parties, so you can be sure that your purchase is completely safe and legal. Even in the event of some technical difficulties, we offer support, so you can be sure you will get the cheap game keys you ordered.

How do PC game keys work?

Game developers generate game keys - a unique string of letters and numbers that can be sold to users and grant them permission to own the game. After buying a PC game key, you have to activate it on a corresponding game distribution platform (like Steam or Origin, etc.). After that, you can download the game and… have fun

How to find the best PC game for me?

It’s easy to get confused and lost in thousands of cheap PC games waiting for you to play them. To find the best one, it’s good to start by deciding which genre are you interested in. There are many genres to choose from, many folks enjoy FPS First-Person Shooter, and others have fun with classic PC games, that don’t offer the greatest visual experience but make up for it with interesting gameplay or story.
You can also select between the best single player PC games and multiplayer adventures you can share with friends or strangers online. But most importantly, you can enjoy all game titles for cheap thanks to PC game sales on GameSeal