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The first computer game called Spacewar! was invented in 1962. Since then, gaming is constantly developing and evolved, providing gamers with a better and better experience. It’s important to note that the growth of the gaming market accelerated with the introduction of game keys, which slowly supersedes physical distribution. It is predicted, that the global gaming industry is gonna be worth $321 billion by the year 2026.

Game developers compete in a race to deliver the next hit titles. We live in interesting times, when no month goes without some big premiere, providing players with new AAA games to have fun with. But not only big players matter. More and more indie (independent) developers and small studios, free from limitations bounding their bigger competitors, constantly surprise gamers with amazing games. Providing cheap game keys for their products and a fresh look at games, these indie developers are an amazing contribution to the industry, and their games regularly top charts.

Good old' games making a comeback What is great about gaming it’s that even old computer games can come back to favor and become the next trend. A great example is Among Us, a forgotten title that suddenly gained popularity, and became one of the most played games. Good old' games making a comeback is a real treat for gamers because they usually can get those titles' game keys for cheap on GameSeal.

Best games on Steam What are the best games on Steam?

The most popular video game digital distribution service - Steam, is a great way to find out what games are currently the most played by the gaming community, and an opportunity to discover trending titles, that might get big in the future. There are many online tools to check specific data and numbers, but let’s have a look at the game genres that has the biggest player base.

It is no surprise that in the internet era, gamers all over the world want to connect and play together via online games. Currently, multiplayer online games sit comfortably on top of the charts, but that doesn’t mean that the best offline games fall far behind.

Among online and offline titles, the most popular genre is FPS (First Person Shooter). Everybody likes to feel like a hero and finish some bad guys after work/school. These games usually explore themes of war and military, or the complete opposite, with a cartoony and funny design.

Another popular genre is sports games. The ability to feel the competition thrill in a favorite discipline is what gathers millions of players around titles like FIFA, UFC, or NBA. From sports games, there’s only a step to simulator games and equally popular point-and-click games.

What is the best way to buy trending games?

Many well-liked and trending games contain some additional content (DLCs) that can be unlocked with purchases. To do that, users frequently use gift cards, which work like debit cards and can be bought here, at GameSeal. Each platform has its cards, for example, there are Steam gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Xbox gift cards, and many more. These cards contain a specific amount of funds and can be used to buy any games and downloadable content on the corresponding platform. That’s why they can be a great present for gamers of all ages.