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Nintendo is a company that is a real phenomenon. Although its roots go back to 1889, Nintendo released the first game console in 1977. The world heard about the brand in 1981 thanks to the iconic game Donkey Kong. But wait, does Nintendo make games or consoles? The truth is, this is where the genius of Nintendo shows. The company manages to reconcile the production of both consoles and games, and in addition, it can make both great products. Nintendo consoles and many games released by the company gained almost cult status, being a symbol and going down in the history of gaming. Nintendo has already raised several generations of players, and its brilliance does not seem to weaken.

The Nintendo eShop shopping platform is visited by thousands of players around the world every day searching for games with which they will have a great time. One of the preferred payment methods is Nintendo Switch gift cards, which offer many benefits and have gained popularity among users. At GameSeal, you can buy gift cards from Nintendo and many other brands at an affordable price. We'll help you see that gaming doesn't have to be expensive. Join our social media community and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with current and upcoming sales.

What do you need to know about Nintendo Switch gift cards?

Nintendo Switch gift cards, like gift cards in other stores, work similarly to debit cards that we get in the bank. They contain a certain amount of funds that can be used to pay in a given store. Unlike credit cards, with gift cards, you don't have to worry about going over your spending limit and going on a journey of no return into debt. The gift card can only be used until all the funds it contains have been used up. And that's it. This is a very practical solution that is appreciated by players and parents of younger players who are just teaching their children how to spend money wisely.

Gift cards are also a secure payment method that replaces credit cards. It's easy to get scammed online these days, so being able to avoid giving out sensitive information is a good thing. With Nintendo Switch gift cards you don't have to worry. In addition, they do not expire, so you can store them as much as you want without fear of loss. That's a lot of time to think about what to buy with them.

What can be bought with Switch gift cards?

The Nintendo eShop is a true El Dorado for gamers of all tastes. They can find here both high-budget productions and small indie games that seem to be made for Nintendo's handheld console. You can browse the store for hours and still come across gaming gems. Even though the console is old and premiered in 2017, game developers are still willing to adapt their products to it, thanks to which new titles appear in the store almost every day.

The Nintendo Store is an endless source of fantastic games, so every console owner will appreciate a gift in the form of Nintendo Switch gift cards. There is never too much extra money to buy more games, and there is a lot to choose from. Thanks to the gift cards, you can also buy a Nintendo Online subscription, which is available in two versions.

The basic version offers features for players who cannot imagine gaming without playing online. It also adds the ability to store game saves in the cloud, which is a safeguard in case the console is damaged. Fans of retro gaming will be pleased to know that with this bundle you get access to the official emulator of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Game Boy consoles. Thanks to these little programs, it is possible to play classic games from these platforms.

The second level of the Nintendo Online subscription adds emulators and games for the legendary Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance consoles. In addition, owners of games such as Animal Crossing or Splatoon receive DLC for which they would have to pay without a subscription. If you're a Nintendo fan, Switch gift cards are your must-have. And if you're seeking a good place to buy them, you've come to the right place.