The Best cheap Games, Subscriptions and Gift cards for Nintendo

Nintendo games at GameSeal

Did you know, that Nintendo’s history began as early as 1889? With that much experience, no wonder Nintendo is now one of the most recognized gaming brands in the world. Every gamer can easily name at least three of the most successful Nintendo games. The company is praised for its attention to detail and care about the quality of its products. Something a few other game developers could learn from them.
Nintendo is an absolute king of handheld gaming. Its consoles like Game Boy, Nintendo 3DS, or the most popular so far: Nintendo Switch, could easily be called iconic. But not only hardware counts. Nintendo is responsible for creating well-known franchises like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch. Many of these games, like classic Super Mario are still being played by gamers all over the world, sometimes even decades after their release.

What are the best Nintendo games?

Through the years, Nintendo made or published so many great games, that the best Nintendo Switch games list could be very long. So let’s focus on the titles that are currently on top of the charts.

One of the best Nintendo games are:

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  •  Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  •  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  •  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the 
  • Wild Pokémon Sword and Shield
These are only a few examples of many more excellent games for Nintendo Switch. Keep track of GameSeal for new releases and games gaining popularity (like Ni No Kuni Switch).

Time to move! Check out these Nintendo games with motion control

One of the unique Nintendo Switch features is its motion controllers which are just perfect for motion control games. It’s awesome because by playing it you can game and stay fit at the same time. The most popular fitness game on Switch is RingFit adventure which takes players on an adventure to defeat the evil boss with skills based on exercises they have to make in real-time.
Motion control games are also amazing for parties or family gatherings. Just Dance Nintendo Switch is a great example here. In this game, you can compete with your friends or family in a crazy dancing battle.

Cheap Nintendo Switch Games - where to find them?

Sometimes hunting for Nintendo Switch game deals can be difficult, especially when you wait for a specific title discount, but GameSeal got you covered! Here you can find offers for all your favorite titles at prices that won’t hurt your budget.
Apart from Nintendo Switch codes, you can also find deals for Nintendo e card to gain funds you can spend in the official shop.

What is Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack and how to get it?

When you’re done playing alone, you can begin new gaming adventures with friends. To play online on Switch, you’re gonna need a Nintendo Switch Online membership code. Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription that allows you not only to play your favorite titles with friends (or strangers) but offers additional services not available to regular users.
If you are a fan of retro gaming, the Nintendo Online expansion pack is something you will definitely love. This additional feature to the subscription contains access to vintage Nintendo Games for N64, over 100 NES & SNES titles, classic SEGA games, and exclusive demos of new releases. Time to wake up childhood memories!
Furthermore, as another perk, the Expansion pack unlocks additional content to some of the modern games, like Animal Crossing. After buying the Expansion pack, you unlock DLCs that would have to be bought separately without the pack. It’s a great option for cheap Switch games.

How to redeem Nintendo eshop codes and other keys?

This instruction explains how to redeem Nintendo games keys or Nintendo card (for eShop).
  • To open Nintendo eShop, Select Nintendo eShop icon on the HOME Menu (looks like a shopping bag). 
  •  Choose the account you want to redeem the code for. 
  •  On the left side, there’s a Menu, select Redeem Code and enter the 16-character code.
  •  To redeem the key, select Confirm.
  •  Happy gaming!
Remember, once you redeem the code, it expires and can’t be reused on another account again.