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Gift Cards at GameSeal

Many online games and services have their own form of currency to pay for additional features. There are different ways to get them (recharge, top-up), and GameSeal is the best one. Here you can find cheap gift cards and vouchers for the most popular games and services, like Roblox gift cards, or Fortnite gift cards.

What are gift cards?

Gift cards are a handy way of making online purchases. It’s a form similar to a prepaid debit card, containing a specific amount of currency. These cards can be used to make purchases and other transactions on a corresponding platform (for example, you can’t use Roblox gift cards on Amazon).

Gift cards have many positive sides, like better control over your spending - you can only use the amount you have on the gift card. They also make great gifts for friends and family, because they can use them on whatever they like most. No more missed presents! If you struggle to make a choice, we will give you a hint: the most popular picks are PlayStation Plus card and Xbox gift cards.

Where to get a cheap Fortnite gift card?

Fortnite is a game that took the gaming industry by storm. It’s very popular among players of all ages thanks to its gameplay and rich character customization. Skins and features can be bought with in-game currency called V Bucks, and to get V Bucks, players can use a game shop or purchase a V Bucks card in places like GameSeal. V Bucks gift card is available in many variants, differing in the number of funds they contain. You can find them all at GameSeal.

Where to buy Steam gift cards?

Steam is a video game digital distribution service that needs no introduction for gamers, offering games, software, or even hardware. Unlike video games, Steam uses a real currency, depending on the country the customer is from. You can top up your Steam Wallet (virtual purse with funds) via Steam cards. Sometimes they can be found in stationary shops, but a Steam card online is usually way cheaper and can be bought on GameSeal with instant delivery without a need to leave your house.

How to get cheap GTA shark cards?

Shark cards GTA are a way of paying for in-game currency in Rockstar’s hit game Grand Theft Auto Online. There are five of them differing in the number of available funds: Tiger Shark card, Bull Shark card, White Shark card, Whale Shark card, and the fattest of them all: The Megalodon Shark card.

What Roblox gift cards should I choose?

Another popular title with an in-game currency is Roblox. This platform uses Robux, which can be spent in the shop for avatars, microtransactions, and game passes. There are many variants of Roblox gift cards to buy, with a Robux Card 10 being the most popular one. But how much Robux is 10 dollars? According to the website, for $10 you can get 800 Robux. And for $25? Even a 2000 Robux!

What are other games with gift cards?

Microtransactions in games are getting more and more popular, and so are gift cards, like Roblox gift cards. Many of the most-played games use some kind of currency, and because of that they also offer gift cards. For example, a tactical FPS from Riot called Valorant developed Valorant Points, which can be purchased with a Valorant gift card.

Other big titles: FIFA and Apex Legends also have additional content that can be unlocked via in-game currency. In FIFA, you can do this with FIFA points, and in Apex Legends with coins, that can be easily obtained with, for example, Apex coins Xbox card available on GameSeal.

What are other services I can buy cheap gift cards for?

Gift cards are not exclusive to gaming, and they’re available for many popular services like streaming platforms, shops, or marketplaces. For example, streaming giant Netflix offers gift cards as a way of paying for its subscription. You can find Netflix gift card code in many variants here on GameSeal and pay for a Netflix subscription. The same goes for Disney Plus and its Disney Plus gift card or HBO Max gift card.

Gift cards can also be useful during your everyday shopping like Amazon gift cards (and variants for other countries). A $15 Amazon gift card is also a popular choice as a small gift for many occasions.