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PlayStation gift cards at GameSeal

The times when the gamers’ library stood on the shelf are long gone. CD editions of games are still fairly popular, but with introduction of digital codes, games distribution revolution  started. It’s more convenient to collect a digital library  of titles on our online accounts, than to keep their physical copies. PlayStation — one of the  biggest players in console market is not staying behind, taking its users on a trip to digitalization.
Game codes and PlayStation gift cards are currently the most common ways of purchasing games and services on the PlayStation Network platform. But what’s the difference between them? After activation, game keys add a specific game to the account. Meanwhile, PlayStation store gift cards work as a debit card. They contain a fixed number of funds you can add to your virtual wallet or use as a payment method during the shopping process.
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Where to buy PlayStation gift cards?

There are many places where you can buy PlayStation gift cards, but how to do it smartly and save money? We will share some tips with you.
The first thing you might want to remember i to choose a product, for example PlayStation 5 dollar gift card, correct to your region. All gift cards technically work worldwide, but if the cards’ currency doesn’t match your location, it may lose value because of currency exchange. It’s better to avoid it.
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I got a PlayStation Network gift card. What can I buy with it?

PlayStation gift cards are great gifts for gamers, no matter if they’re hardcore or casual players. All they have to do is to own a PlayStation console. With gift cards, you can pay for products and services in PlayStation Store. So if you don’t know what to buy for your console using friends, PlayStation gift cards are a great, universal present.
Gift cards can be used as a payment method for games, so if you have some titles you want to play in mind, you can spend the funds on them. Some games also offer microtransactions for additional unlockable content that also can be paid for with a gift card. Usually they’re cosmetic items or game passes.
If you don’t know what games to pick, another way of using PlayStation gift cards is PlayStation Plus subscription. Depending on version, you can get accession to a selection of games. Maybe you will find your next favorite among them?

How to use a PlayStation gift card?

If you got a code and don’t know how to redeem a PlayStation gift card, here is a short instruction:
  • Log in to your PlayStation Network account, or make a new one if you don’t have one.
  • Navigate to the PSN Shop (shopping bag icon).
  • Find an option “Redeem code”.
  • Type in the key you got in your email after a purchase. It is a code made from numbers and letters.
  • Continue and agree to terms and conditions.
  • Well done, the code is activated. Happy gaming!
GameSeal is not only a great source of cheap PlayStation gift cards, but foremost: your friendly, neighborhood game shop. So if you have any problems related to purchase or codes, please contact our customer support. We will gladly help you solve the issue.