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Steam gift cards at GameSeal

It is impossible to find another brand that has influenced gaming and video game distribution to a similar extent as Steam. Steam gift cards are one of the most purchase ed items in gaming stores around the world and for good reason n. The largest video game digital distribution service so far is not only a vast library of games. It is also a place for discussion of the international gaming community (forums), a marketplace for exchanging items and trading cards, as well as a real paradise for the modding  community – Steam Workshop.

Steam offers many services and products that practically hop into our basket on their own, so it is critical to purchase safely on the platform. Steam has sophisticated security measures, but each of us can go a step further and be even more careful. Steam gift cards are ideal for this, as they completely eliminate the need to use vulnerable payment methods on the site such as credit cards. They can be used to pay for products and services, and in addition, it is a great gift idea for every PC gamer. You can find Steam gift cards of various values on GameSeal at a wallet-friendly price.

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What are Steam gift cards?

If you've used gift cards in different stores before, Steam gift cards work very similarly. These are pre-paid cards with a certain amount of funds that you can use to make purchases in a given place (in this case, on the Valve platform). A gift card is a convenient and safe way to shop because no payment card or bank details are used. You also don't have to worry about going over your limit accidentally. These features make Steam gift cards the perfect gift for PC gamers of all ages, especially younger ones.

Where to buy Steam gift cards?

Gift cards are a very popular product, which is why they can be found in more and more stationary stores. However, such shopping requires leaving the house and going on a trip to the store, which you don't always have time or will for. It's also hard to find promotions related to this product, the same is true for buying in the official Steam store. However, there is a place where you can count on pretty good promotions and low prices…

If you are looking for Steam gift cards then GameSeal is the end of your search! We've got offers that will rip your socks off, and if you're still craving more, keep an eye out for the various events we run and our seasonal sales.

What can be bought with Steam gift cards?

Steam gift cards are nothing more than gift cards that add a certain amount of currency to your Steam Wallet. With the funds earned in this way, you can purchase any game, game content, service, software, and anything else you can find on Steam. Just remember to choose a card with the right value so that it will be enough for all purchases. But even if you run out, you can buy another Steam gift card on GameSeal.

If you're looking for extra savings, it's worth using your card during one of Steam's big annual sales, which take place sometime in the summer and winter. Also, during the year there are smaller sales, so it's worth checking when the next one will take place. The Steam discount combined with the low price at which you can buy Steam gift cards on GameSeal is a recipe for a cheap gaming shopping haul.

How to redeem Steam gift cards?

After you successfully purchase a code for the gift card, you might want to activate it on Steam. Have a look at our guide on how to add gift cards to Steam.

  1. Open your Steam application and log in to your account (if you’re not already).
  2. Navigate to the right corner of the window and click on your account’s name.
  3. Pick “Account details” and then “Add funds to your Steam Wallet”.
  4. On the screen that will follow take a look to the right and find the “Your Steam account” section.
  5. Select “Redeem a physical gift card”.
  6. Enter your key on the next screen.
  7. Confirm what’s left and you’re done!