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Are you even a real gamer if you enjoy only short games? Yes, you most definitely are. As long as you enjoy gaming - you are a gamer. We are all different, have different lives, and amount of time on our hands to spend on gaming.

Games like GTA or Assassin’s Creed are well known for their expanded storylines and vast, open world. It’s a great adventure for someone who can invest time in it but are there games for players who have less disposable time, but still want to have fun?

Sure! Short games have a massive audience, and that couldn’t go unnoticed by game developers. If you’re looking for titles you can beat in a few hours or less, try Gameseal! Here you can find Steam keys for the best short games and amazing customer service.

Short games = cheap games, right?

If we lived in a perfect world, games would be fairly priced by their length, amount of available content, and user experience. But it’s not always like this. However, it’s important to notice, that short games are usually (but not always) developed by small, independent studios or developers. This means their prices are significantly lower than prices for AAA games. That’s a great reason to try some shorter titles, which can give as much fun, as their more lengthy competitors.

If you’re looking for some great short games, it is worth taking a look at some older titles. To be fair, a gameplay that is just dragging on is a fairly new invention, and among the classics, you can find many cheap games that are also fairly short. Yay for retro gaming!

What are the best short games?

Check out this round-up of short games for PC that are praised by critics and players:

  • Journey - This beautiful game is from 2012, and since then, it hasn’t aged a day. Available on all gaming platforms, Journey takes players on an amazing adventure full of puzzles and breathtaking scenery.

  • Portal - If you haven’t played this title yet, you’re missing out! This puzzle-platform game is a mandatory title to complete for every gamer. Being one of the best games of all time it’s also short and can be beaten in a few hours. To make it even better, you can choose freely between gaming platforms, because there are many versions available: Portal PC, Portal for consoles, Portal for Switch, and many more.

  • Firewatch - Tired of puzzles? Try Firewatch. This title is more story-based, it takes the player on a first-person adventure through the Wyoming wilderness and the main character’s troubled past. And the scenery is just unimaginably beautiful. Look out for cheap Firewatch GOG keys on Gameseal.

  • Undertale - This title is extraordinary and perfect for short sessions. It can be completed in around 6 hours but has many endings to discover. Don’t let simple graphics discourage you, the gameplay will knock your socks off.

  • A Short Hike - It’s rare when a game’s title describes its content 100%. This game is exactly that: a short hike. It tells a story of a bird named Claire who goes on an adventure to climb a mountain. Along the way, Claire meets other hikers and helps them with their journey.

There are many great, short games to discover, and with this little list, we only provided you with some inspiration. Remember to sign in to our newsletter to keep track of new deals for cheap game keys and you may find there some interesting, short games too.

How to get cheap PC keys?

Short games for PC (or any games really) shouldn’t ruin your budget, so we will give you some tips on how to become a skillful PC game deals hunter.

For starters, say goodbye to physical copies. Unless bought at a flea market or second-hand shop, they’re usually more expensive than PC keys. Another lesson is: learn to be patient and wait for sales. They happen pretty frequently, and around events like holidays. It’s a great opportunity to pick up some cheap games

And the best advice? Try Gameseal. Our offer is full of cheap game keys you can purchase at any time, without a need to wait for a sale. With great customer service and instant delivery, you can start your next gaming adventure right now!