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Who is a no-life? According to the dictionary “one who does not have a social life.” This term is frequently used to describe gamers who, let’s put it lightly, prefer indoor gaming activities over socializing. But that doesn’t mean gamers are not social creatures, they just prefer to hang out with people online. And who can honestly say no to gaming when there are so many great cheap games for PC around?

If there is something that distinguishes casual players from true no-lifes it’s the selection of games they play. The best games for no-lifes are preferably long, with lots of grinding, not particularly AAA games, but titles big enough to gather a large community to quest and chat with.

Being a no-life is no longer a bad thing. With the rising popularity of gaming and moving so many aspects of our everyday life online, no-lifes feel like a fish to water. It’s finally our time to shine, advising friends and family where to get cheap Steam keys for PC, or how to recharge their online games’ account balance. And the best advice would be of course Gameseal, offering great deals on games, top-ups, software, and more.

What are the best games for no-lifes?

Some titles give the “no-life vibe” more than others, and it’s because of their genre or characteristic elements of gameplay. Check out our short list of games that are just perfect for a no-life lifestyle.

World of Warcraft - It’s probably the first game that comes to mind when you hear “no-life”. It first came out in 2004 and even though its best years are behind it, almost two decades later it still gathers many players who quest in Azeroth. To join the adventure, a player has to pay a monthly subscription. It can be purchased for example with a Blizzard gift card, which you can find cheap at Gameseal.

No Man’s Sky - If you had the whole universe to explore, where would you go first? This title from Hello Games is like the ultimate no-life dream, given they like space exploration. From the massive failure at the premiere to one of the best games ever after many patches, No Man’s Sky is a rare example of a game that learned from its mistakes and went beyond them. The endless possibilities of space exploration are definitely worth the endless hours you will spend on this game. Interested? Check out our cheap Steam keys for No Man’s Sky at Gameseal.

Minecraft- But hey, it’s a game for kids! Well yes, but also no. Minecraft from Mojang became a massive hit that top the sales charts since 2011. The constant development of new content, very individual and addictive gameplay, interesting gimmicks like mechanism building, and even in-game programming, all resulted in Minecraft being loved by millions of players across the world, who spend hours exploring their unique worlds. Join them, and find Minecraft Windows 10 edition on Gameseal.

Civilization V and Civilization VI - Who would like to feel like a god? If you answered “me” and strategy games are your favorites, you might want to get familiar with the Civilization series. But be warned! Building your own empire and defeating enemies can be addictive. Check out cheap Civilization V and VI Steam keys on Gameseal.

How to be a cheap no-life?

Recently, even being a regular gamer is full of financial challenges. The high cost of hardware and ever-growing prices of AAA games can give headaches. But what about no-lifes who spend so much time gaming? Being a no-life can have its advantages, and one of them is knowing how to buy smart. We will tell you how.
The most important secret knowledge we would like to share is how to get cheap games. One solution is to wait for sales but that may take some time, so a better way out might be to use Gameseal for game keys and other game-related purchases. On some platforms, like Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox it might be beneficial to buy gift cards and use funds from them to shop. It’s easier to control spending that way and can save you some money. Steam gift cards and other top-ups can be found at lower prices on Gameseal.