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Sometimes gaming is like book reading. You have to spend some time searching for a new title to have fun with. You can go the hard path and try to find them by yourself, or take an easier route and check what’s currently on the bestseller list. Can thousands of people be wrong? Probably not! Especially when it comes to gaming, the huge community is an indicator of game quality.

But how to find out what games are most popular now? The best way to do that is here, on GameSeal. We’re your go-to game shop, where you can find cheap game keys not only for the most popular AAA games, but also older titles, and games from independent studios. All with customer service designed to offer you the best shopping experience.

What are AAA games?

If you heard that term before, and are unsure what it means, wonder no more. “AAA games” is used for a non-formal classification of games, which means that a specific title was made with a high budget by a well-known studio. Triple A games can be compared to blockbuster movies that are expected to be massive hits even before their release.

A great example of a triple A game is GTA5. A title developed by legendary studio Rockstar is a bestseller for almost ten years. Thanks to the vast open world, many quests with an interesting storyline, and its online mode, GTA5 is a favorite game for millions of players all around the globe.

What are the best-selling game genres?

Some genres are more popular than others, and the top charts show it well. Gamers just love FPS (First Person Shooter) games, racing games like Dirt Showdown (another 10-year-old game, just like GTA5!), and sports games. It is also important to notice that online games are more popular than single players, meaning gamers like to play together.

Another best-selling genre is sandbox games. Games like Terraria or Minecraft are loved by players of all ages, thanks to the almost unlimited gameplay possibilities they offer. Another title worth mentioning is The Sims 4 representing the simulation genre. With a wide collection of expansion packs and rich customization options, the next generations of The Sims games are constantly present on bestseller lists since the 90s.

The phenomenon of horror games

What is life without a little bit of thrill? Horror fascinates people from the dawn of time, being one of the most favored topics for art and cinematography. Watching scary scenes is one thing, but how about participating in them in a safe environment of virtual reality? Horror games are picked up by many gamers, lured by the promise of an unforgettable experience. The best horror games on steam are always present on its top lists.

Horror games are also very popular among streamers. They play the scariest games on Steam to show their viewers silly reactions to jump scares. If you would like to feel the thrill by yourself, try GameSeal for cheap game keys. But be warned - we are not responsible for any horror-induced nightmares.

The popularity of split screen games

Contrary to popular belief, gamers are social creatures that love to have fun in good company. Hence the popularity of split screen games that can provide entertainment for two or more players on the same device. This is frequently used during parties and gatherings, bringing even non-gamer folks in front of the screen. That’s why games like It Takes Two are frequently present on top sale lists.

Split screen PC games sometimes may require additional gaming pads for more comfort during gaming. Back in the day, the most dedicated gamers had to share a keyboard! Fortunately, these times are over, and playing together is no longer an issue with split screen Xbox One games or their PlayStation counterparts.

The best-selling software

Despite GameSeal being a game shop, we don’t forget about work-life balance. Along with cheap games we also offer amazing software deals. We know that for PC Master race followers, the operating system is as important as the games library, that’s why you can find cheap Windows 10 key on GameSeal. Subscribe to our newsletter, and keep an eye on other software deals.