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From a pretty niche hobby into a billion-dollar industry, video games came a long way. The ever-changing tastes of players and growing competition inspire computer game developers to break the existing patterns and constantly surprise their customers. The need for change and departure from existing conventions is what attracts more and more players to roguelike games – a genre filled with fun and action with a little twist. When you die, you die, losing all your progress and items. Sounds brutal? That is only the beginning.

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What is a roguelike game?

Like every other genre, roguelike has some special characteristics that make it possible to assign it to the roguelike games genre and distinguish it from others. In this case, the absolute bomb feature, a star of the show, is permanent death. Yes, you read it right. A permanent death in video games. Sounds crazy and completely turns upside down the convention of video games, which are almost by definition based on the ability to retry the level and achieve the goal by forgiving some mistakes. But not here.

Because the roguelike genre is still developing and evolving, the gaming community is still unsure of other key features that clearly distinguish it. Apart from permanent death, roguelike games usually feature some kind of dungeon to explore. This is a reference to the game that gave its name to the entire genre, “Rogue” by A.I. Design, released in 1980. The dungeon itself has different levels that the player has to wade through, and they are randomly generated, so each playthrough is unique and unrepeatable. This adds greatly to the replayability value and is the reason why roguelike games are so engaging. 

A typical roguelike game requires the player to efficiently manage resources. Health-recovering items are often pretty rare and should be used in strategic moments. Items, in general, are an important part of the gameplay, and collecting them is essential to progress through the next levels. Because with each consecutive level, the difficulty level increases, and more difficult opponents appear. 

So, to answer the question of what are roguelike games, several features should be mentioned: permanent death, dungeon crawler environment, and focus on collecting items. Along with the development of the genre, some game developers decided to break even these rules, which resulted in the creation of the roguelike sub-genre: roguelite. 

Roguelike vs. roguelite – what is the difference?

During your gaming adventure, you probably stumbled upon the term roguelite. This is not a typo, as it is a sub-genre that evolved directly from rogue like games. For some gamers, the idea of permanent death and losing all progress seemed too extreme, that’s why some rogue-like rules have been loosened in roguelites. Loosened to the point that some players refrain from drawing any connections between rogue-like and rogue-lite games. 

As we mentioned before, in a roguelike game, death is permanent and results in the loss of the whole progress. In rogue-lites some kind of progress is still happening, even despite frequent deaths, which are, in fact, an element of progression. One solution is, for example, to keep the hero's statistics after his death and increase them thanks to the experience gained during the consecutive runs. 

It’s a good thing that gamers have so many options and genres to choose from. Both the fan of demanding challenges and the lover of casual games can find a perfect title to spend some fun time with. No matter which one of the rogue games you choose, you can find cheap game keys for all the platforms at GameSeal.