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Brands related to gaming come and go, but only some of them are worthy of being called revolutionary, the ones that had a significant impact on the industry. Steam is definitely such a brand. Its appearance entirely changed the hitherto known way of distributing games. Although many have tried, so far, no one has managed to beat or even match the success of the brand. Nothing lasts forever, and in the future, there will probably be new solutions in the field of game distribution, but for now, nothing seems to threaten the position of the giant.

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What is Steam?

If you don’t know what Steam is, you probably have been living under a rock for the past decade. But don’t worry, we do not discriminate against enthusiasts of camping under stones. We will be happy to tell you about Steam games, what Steam is and what is its role in the gaming industry.

Steam is a service run by Valve Company, a video game developer and publisher. It was introduced in September 2003 as the company's game updater. After some time, it evolved to become the most popular video game digital distribution service for many third-party publishers. It is also offering additional features, like updates, cloud save synchronization for games on Steam, anti-cheat, community features (forums, in-game chats), and community marketplace for digital products from various games.

Steam went down in the history of gaming primarily by changing the way games are distributed and enabling them to be updated over the Internet. Even when the games come from different publishers, everything is done in one program, without the need to maintain separate clients for each game. But the most important aspect of Steam’s gaming revolution was the introduction of game keys, which are successively replacing the traditional, physical way. 

Games on Steam – how it started?

Are you annoyed by frequent game updates that appear in the least expected moments and always when we want to turn on the game? Back in the day, there were no updates. At all. Because of the distribution of games based on physical media, like CDs, it was practically impossible to provide any updates after the initial release. Internet was not as widely available as it is now, and even as it became more popular, it still lacked the software required to update games from different publishers. Then, in 2003, came Valve with their Steam app, designed to update Steam games seamlessly. And the history began.

After the big updating revolution, another massive change appeared at the horizon. In 2004, a continuation of Steam’s big hit game Half Life, Half Life 2 became the first of Steam games in history to be distributed digitally. Soon after, other publishers followed, and by 2017 almost 18% of global PC game sales were done on Steam. And the company is definitely not slowing down.

Games on Steam and digital keys

Digital distribution of games for Steam is done by developers generating game keys – special codes that can be activated on the corresponding platform to redeem the product. Then the keys can be sold to traders. Each code is unique and can’t be used again, that’s why they can be sold on third-party sites like GameSeal.

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