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Nintendo eShop Cards at GameSeal

Nintendo is an absolute king of handheld gaming. Thanks to amazing exclusive titles and the high quality of their products, Nintendo consoles are very popular among customers. The newest release: Nintendo Switch, has sold in over 100 million copies worldwide.
In terms of performance, Nintendo consoles can’t compete with its big brothers Xbox and PlayStation. But what they lack in specs they make up for with other features, like being adapted for movement-based games or a vast library of exclusive games that without a shame can be called iconic. Every gamer heard about Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Smash Bros., or Animal Crossing. The list is long, and Nintendo fans can never stay bored for long.
Nintendo was famous for distributing their games on cartridges – small pieces of electronics, that have to be inserted into the console to play a game. Cartridges still haven’t gone completely extinct, but they are slowly being replaced by digital game keys and Nintendo Switch gift cards.
The reason for that is, digital goods are usually cheaper (little to no production cost), and easier to get (customers don’t have to leave their houses for purchase or wait days for delivery). Thanks to Nintendo Switch gift cards, it’s easy to purchase anything in Nintendo eShop and keep your finances in check.
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Where to buy Nintendo gift cards cheap and smart?

Buying Nintendo Switch gift cards doesn't seem like a difficult task to do, but allow us to share with you some tips that will help you find the best deals and avoid technical difficulties.
  • Always buy Nintendo gift cards from trusted and reputable sources, like GameSeal or other certified distributors. This will help you stay safe, keep your data and accounts secure, and guarantee you will get exactly the product you wanted.
  • Double check if you’re buying a gift card for the region you’re in. Nintendo Switch gift cards are region locked, which means they won’t work on accounts assigned to other regions.
  • Remember, you can use your code only once. After it’s successfully activated, you can’t use it in a different place.
  • Don’t overpay! Check GameSeal for deals and discounts. You can also sign in to our newsletter and follow Social Media channels to stay updated on the current sales.
GameSeal is your best friend when it comes to buying digital gaming goods. You are guaranteed the instant delivery and top-notch customer service, so in case of any trouble – we’re here to help and advise. We hope that next time you think “where can I buy Nintendo gift cards?”, the answer will be: GameSeal!

What can be bought with Nintendo Switch gift cards?

Nintendo has many games and services available in its eShop, and they all can be purchased with Nintendo gift cards.
  • Nintendo Switch game codes
  • Nintendo Online subscription
  • Game DLCs
  • …and more!
So if you’re a Nintendo Switch user who wants to expand their games library or buy additional content, or you look for a great present for a Nintendo geek friend, you will definitely find what you are looking for on GameSeal.

How to use a Nintendo eShop card?

  • Launch the console, on the home menu, select eShop icon (looks like a shopping bag).
  • Log in to your Nintendo account.
  •  Navigate to the menu on the left and select “Enter Code” option.
  •  In the next screen, enter the 16-character code you got in the email.
  •  Be careful not to skip or switch the characters.
  •  Select “Redeem Download Code”.
  •  Confirm and enjoy!
Remember, if you encounter any problems with Nintendo Switch gift cards or any other products bought at GameSeal, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support. We will gladly help you solve the issue.