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We probably won't be far from the truth if we say that every PC gamer has used, or at least encountered Steam. This video game digital distribution service from Valve is the undisputed leader in the distribution of virtual gaming products for personal computers. It was one of the precursors offering updating games over the Internet, thanks to which the possibility of patching games after the premiere has become widespread and massive. When creating Steam, Valve also wanted to fight cheaters in games, which were supposed to be stopped by anti-cheat and anti-piracy systems.

Currently, Steam is one of the largest websites offering the sale of games and software. Their purchase is possible using various payment methods, and Steam gift cards are one of them. It is a convenient way of paying that even the youngest can use. It is characterized by security and easy spending control, which is why Steam gift cards are a popular product in gaming stores and others. You can often find them stationary too! But it is better to visit GameSeal and hunt for real deals.

What is the use of Steam gift cards?

Many stores, both online and stationary, offer gift cards. More and more often during everyday shopping in regular stores, we come across gift cards and top-ups for the most popular gaming platforms. Gaming services have become as common as the services of telecommunications operators. Among these cards and top-ups, you can also find Steam gift cards, which is not surprising because the Valve platform is the most popular video game digital distribution service for PC.

These cards work just like regular gift cards that you can get in other stores. It is a prepaid card that contains a certain amount of funds that can be used to pay for various purchases on the Steam. And there's a lot to buy! Games are just the beginning of a great treasure trove for players, as there are also DLCs and additional content for these games, original soundtracks, trade cards, software, and much more. And for all this you can pay with Steam gift cards

One card for different uses

One of the characteristics of gift cards is their flexibility as a method of payment. There are two ways in which you can use them.

  1. Adding funds to your Steam wallet.

Each Steam account is assigned a virtual wallet into which you can "put" funds and use them to pay. The change left over from purchases is kept in your wallet for the next use. The wallet can be topped up thanks to redeeming Steam gift cards (instructions on how to do this can be found at the end of this text).

  1. Paying for purchases directly with a gift card.

You can pay for purchases using a gift card right away, without having to top up your wallet beforehand. When placing your order, simply select Steam gift card as your payment method and enter its code. The sum of funds needed to complete the transaction will be debited from the card and the change will be saved for future use.

What else is worth knowing before you use a gift card? If you spend all the funds on the card, you won't be able to use it again. But the good news is that Steam gift cards don't expire, so you can keep them for as long as you want, like waiting for a price promotion on your favorite game. You can try to test your patience and wait for Steam's annual sales, the biggest of which take place in summer and winter. This is the best time to use your gift cards. But what to do between sales? Drop by GameSeal, where the sale goes on all the time, and find the best games at low prices.

How to redeem Steam gift cards?

Okay, you got it. You bought a Steam gift card on GameSeal and your code is already in the mail. What's next?

  1. First things first: open the Steam app and sign in to your account.
  2. On the right side of the window, click on your account name.
  3. Then click on “Account details” and then “Add funds to your Steam Wallet”.
  4. The next screen will appear. Find the "Your Steam account" section in it.
  5. Select "Redeem a physical gift card".
  6. Enter the key from the email and confirm the purchase.

Your Steam Wallet funds are ready to be spent! Remember, if you encounter a problem with the key, do not hesitate to write to our support.