PlayStation Network Card 100 USD (USA) PSN Key - UNITED STATES

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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in the United States.

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PlayStation Network Card 100 USD (USA) PSN Key - UNITED STATES

How to buy a PlayStation gift card?

Millions of players choose Sony's PlayStation consoles as their favourite gaming platform. Sony has sold nearly 90 million units of the PlayStation 3, and it has shipped more than 116 million units of the PlayStation 4 worldwide. Now, there is a PS5 on its way to duplicating its older sisters' success. What's important is that players can enhance their console experience thanks to PlayStation Network gift cards and PlayStation Plus membership. It's an easy, safe, and convenient way of topping up your account or getting access to premium services and even free games.

What is a PSN?

The PlayStation Network card is the best way of adding funds to your Sony account for purchases. You can then use the funds to buy digital copies of PS4 and PS5 games or pay for other services provided by PlayStation. Check out the different PSN cards on GameSeal, so you can choose the one you need and will be able to use it on your account. There are three variables you need to check before making a purchase:

  • amount,
  • currency,
  • region.

PSN codes are region-locked, so choosing the correct region is crucial. Please note that some countries share the same currency, so it's a good idea to check if the item you want to buy can be used in your country. For instance, PSN 20 EUR FR can be used only in France. It won't work in Germany or Italy, although all those countries use the euro. Fortunately, all restrictions are mentioned on a product page, so you will be able to find them easily.

What does PlayStation Plus do?

PlayStation Plus is one of the two types of PS gift cards available in our collection. PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that provides you with access to online multiplayer, so you can play against your friends and people all over the world.

Other perks include exclusive PlayStation Store discounts and two free games per month. Moreover, there is a PlayStation Plus Collection of Sony's bestsellers available for free to PS Plus subscribers who own the PS5. The list is quite impressive; it includes God of WarDays Gone, Detroit: Become Human, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and many other iconic titles.

When you are ready to purchase a Playstation Plus subscription, you can choose from several subscription lengths.

  • PlayStation Plus 90 Days 
  • PlayStation Plus 365 Days

Remember to choose the correct region for your system, as this will avoid any issues.


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