Prison Architect (PC) Steam Key - GLOBAL

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Prison Architect (PC) Steam Key - GLOBAL

In Prison Architect, you can play through a story campaign or a sandbox mode. The campaign is very grasping, and your success depends on your prisoners staying in prison. To keep them from escaping, appeal to their better nature, give them hope for their future, treat them like caged animals, and deprive them of their humanity and personality. Your task is to take an empty plot of land and turn it into a prison facility with the aim of housing prisoners. You are paid per person, per day, by the state. Expand your prison to house more prisoners and generate more revenue so that you can expand again.

You have a variety of construction options to choose from.

As you build your prison, discover robust and varied building options. Use a planning tool to map out the size, location and layout of your buildings. Build outer walls and the foundation, separately instructing workers where to stick inner walls in order to construct rooms within. Prison Architect features many different zoning tools at your disposal. They allow you to specify what function each room will serve. You can set up offices for the staff, holding cells for prisoners, shower rooms, and individual compartments for prisoners – the options are endless! Don't forget to put down some utilities for electricity and water.

Build your prison to suit you

You can build a prison in any shape or size you like. If you want something more complicated or to look like the starship Enterprise, go for it! Once you've built your prison, the next stage is bringing in the residents and beginning to manage it.

Management that goes beyond the surface

The management of a prison is more complex than the building aspect. Proper planning and balancing are essential to creating a successful prison. If you build too much too soon, you could run out of money. However, remember that you have everything you need to manage your prison efficiently: office staff and the ability to unlock various parts of a research tree. Employ staff members and use them to unlock different parts of a research tree. This gives you access to statistics and options such as prisoner wants, needs, security levels and inmate intake reports on which you can rely for information about your prison's activities.

Personalize your prisoners

It would be best to strike a balance between how easily your prisoners manage and how much money they bring in. You can take on grants that will provide you with extra cash in exchange for completing specific tasks. You can also see what your prison is worth, sell it, and use the funds raised to build a new jail!

A wide range of functions is available to you.

The Prison Architect video game is a superbly well-designed and built management simulator. The player, who assumes the role of a prison manager, can start an education program for their prisoners and put them to work with prison labour to reduce expenditure on staff. Additionally, the player can arm their guards and segregate prisoners, making it easier for the player to manage everything.

Prisoners of your prison

Prisoners are classified into low security, regular security, and maximum security. Prisoners of each type bring in different amounts of income. Some have their own biographies. It is vital to keep your prisoners happy because they will make trouble if unhappy. Even when under control, prisoners tend to smuggle contraband and form gangs that become angry when leadership is punished.

Key features of Prison Architect Steam Key GLOBAL gameplay:

  • You can manage your prison as a tycoon in the game's campaign mode. 
  • A mode that drives the story forward. Complex sandbox campaign.
  •  The game features an advanced system of construction with various options and locations. Constructing a perfect prison: build your dream jail cell. 
  • Management options include employing staff, making decisions about outgoings, etc. 
  • Prisoners can be customized with a variety of options


  • Minimum
    • System: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz / AMD 3Ghz
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon (2009 era)
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Drive Space: 300 MB


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