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Video games have been entertaining us for decades, from simple titles made from few pixels, to complicated AAA games with breathtaking graphics and complicated mechanics. From the comfort of our homes where we can sit in a favorite chair and play for hours, it’s easy to forget the humble beginnings, when gamers had to gather in arcade venues to enjoy their beloved titles. For some, arcade games are something from the past, but there are still fans of the genre who keep it very much alive.

Classic arcade games never go out of style

Even though newer releases compete to take their place, classic arcade games never go out of style. No matter if you are a fan of retro entertainment, or you’re looking for some arcade fun with a modern twist, GameSeal is a place for you. Browse through our catalog of games and get your next favorite title, cheaper. We promise you instant delivery and great customer support before, during, and after a purchase if you require one.

What’s the deal with arcade games?

Due to their complexity, modern games have many enthusiasts, but sometimes difficulty feels overwhelming and all we need is something simple but still engaging to play. Arcade games are perfect in that matter, offering remarkable playability hidden behind a seemingly casual facade.

The history of arcade games is very intriguing because it dates back to the 19th century. The first arcades were simple carnival games, that were used to draw crowds to fairs, but had no relations to video games. The first step for automation was made when coin-operated automated amusement machines were developed. They still, however, used only mechanical equipment. One of the great examples of this is “Pinball”, variations of which are still being created today. Over time, arcades evolved and changed its shape to the point of standing arcade cabinets that usually come to mind when we think of classic arcade games.

The first important arcade game was “Pong” released in the 1970s by Atari. It was a simple sports game featuring a little ball, two paddles the ball should bounce from, and a score in the upper part of the screen. Originally, the game was displayed in a small screen inserted in a big standing arcade cabinet, but after it became commercially successful, Atari released a home version.

Thanks to the success of “Pong” and its many clones, more and more manufacturers began to create arcade games. Legendary titles like “Space Invaders”, “Pac-Man” or “Donkey Kong” (which was an ancestor of our beloved Plumber Mario, but that’s a story for another time) have been born, and entertained gamers all over the world. The period of time from the late 1970s to the early 1980s was called the golden age of arcade games.

Home gaming consoles began to slowly replace arcades in gaming. People preferred to play arcade games at home and thanks to Nintendo Entertainment System and others, it became possible. Thanks to fighting games “Mortal Combat” and “Street Fighter”, a small renaissance of arcades happened, but personal computers and home game consoles became increasingly common, pushing arcade games off from being the largest sector of gaming industry globally.

Today, arcade venues can still be found in some places in the world, with Asia still maintaining love for this type of gaming. Most classic arcade games can be played on PCs and consoles, and new titles also being released for these platforms.