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Cheaper than… 2 EUR PC at GameSeal

Nature likes balance, so there are some unwritten rules in the world of video games. One of them is the cost of the games depending on the platform because, surprise, they are not the same. These costs are mainly influenced by: the medium on which the game is stored (or lack thereof), the possibility of subsequent resale (greetings to console users), and the age of the game.

At GameSeal, you'll find both the latest triple A games and some older games that haven't aged a day. Who said gaming has to be expensive? If you're on a budget and only have €2 to spend, you've come to the right place. In this category, you will find cheap games, DLCs, skins, in-game items, and many other products that will help you start a new adventure or enrich the one you are already taking part in. 

€2 is enough to buy something great. And if you're still hoping for a bigger discount, follow us on social media and our newsletter to get notified about upcoming sales to get even more cool stuff for less.

Cheap Steam keys – why are they cheap?

As we have already mentioned, several factors affect the price of a game, including the dedicated platform, whether the game is on a physical medium or not, its resaleability, and its age. PC gamers have it easier. Compared to console enthusiasts, it is much easier for PC master race contestants to find cheap games, especially if they have a tool like GameSeal. Everything comes at a price, though. And that price is the price of the components to assemble your own PC. In recent years, the costs of hardware have soared not only up, but even reached outer space. That's why PC gamers need help getting their hands on new games, and GameSeal is here to the rescue.

PC games released on physical discs are becoming less and less common. More and more companies decide to only issue collector's editions in this way. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce the price of the game and prolong its distribution period. Generating game keys is simple and cheap, unlike physical releases. This way we can enjoy cheap Steam games.

What can you buy for €2?

The value of money changes over time, but luckily on GameSeal €2 is still enough to buy something interesting. Our collection includes both high-budget and cheap Steam keys for indie games. It is worth taking a closer look at the second one because for a small price, they offer what is hard to look for in games in the high price range. Unbothered by investor expectations and rushing deadlines, indie game developers have the opportunity to show the world an innovative approach to video games.

However, if you're looking for something familiar and fan-favorite, you can find older classics for a small amount of money, that still offer a quality that modern games lack. In addition to cheap games, for €2 you can also buy add-ons for already owned games, such as DLCs, small top-ups, in-game items and much more. Browse through this category and find something that will change the monotonous gameplay for a small cost.

How to buy cheap games even cheaper?

Being on a budget is not a bad thing because it is for players like you that GameSeal was created. Since you're here with us and reading this, let us share with you some tips on how to buy games even cheaper. Ready? Let's go!

  • Remember never to buy games at full price. Especially new titles. It pays to be patient, the prices of new games are dropping every week.
  • Stay up to date with sales on your favorite platforms. Every Steam user knows the phenomenon of summer and winter sales. It's worth waiting for them to snatch some cheap games. And in between, you can always take advantage of GameSeal deals.
  • Use gift cards. If you manage to buy them at a low price, e.g., on GameSeal, you will get even more funds at a lower cost.

PC gamers may feel somewhat privileged as the best video game discounts are waiting especially for them. You'll find cheap Steam keys at GameSeal – your friendly, neighborhood gaming shop. We offer not only low prices, but also hassle-free shopping and immediate delivery. Thanks to this, you will be able to start the game as seal as possible!