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Get ready to experience the thrill of high-speed racing. As you dive into this ever-expanding universe, prepare to be blown away by a torrent of new championships and online events, each offering unique challenges, dazzling new cars, and thrilling tracks that will leave you craving more. Marvel at the cutting-edge simulation with lifelike graphics and real-time ray tracing, immersing yourself in a world that feels almost too real.

A level of realism never seen before

Forza Motorsport has an entirely overhauled physics engine, resulting in a level of realism never before seen in a racing game. The game accurately models the behaviour and reactions of vehicles, which will vary depending on weather conditions and track nuances. 

Challenge to racing

Dynamic weather and time of day add another challenge to racing, as you must adapt your driving style to changing track conditions. 

Better dimension of the game

The revamped Car Damage system makes every bump and collision a critical moment in the race. As your vehicle accumulates damage, you'll see dents, scratches and shattered glass, each affecting performance. 

Builders Cup Career Mode

In the Builders Cup Career Mode, you start your journey with a modest selection of cars and work your way up by winning races and accumulating funds for new vehicles, upgrades, and paint jobs. 

Compete against players worldwide

Forza Motorsport allows players to challenge up to 20 opponents online in thrilling races on diverse tracks. Players can even create custom races and compete against players worldwide. 

Customize your car

You can customize your car's appearance with the Livery Editor, which allows you to create custom designs with various colours and decals or upload your images. You'll be ready for the spotlight when you step on the track. 

Unique driving conditions

The game features over 500 authentic vehicles, including cutting-edge race cars and over 100 newcomers. There are 20 vibrant living environments, each with multiple track layouts and fan-favourite locales such as Brands Hatch and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Every lap is a fresh, thrilling ride with live on-track scoring, dynamic shifts in time of day and weather conditions, and unique driving conditions. 

Variety of gameplay modes

Forza Motorsport offers a variety of gameplay modes to suit every racing style. Whether you are competing in multiplayer events that mimic the structure of an exhilarating race weekend or creating your dream racing experience in Free Play with friends, Forza Motorsport promises non-stop excitement. Prepare to burn rubber and vie for the podium in the ultimate motorsport experience!