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In order to increase the attractiveness of their games, or to extend their life after the premiere, game developers outdo each other in providing additional content for their products. Usually to buy, for example, a new nice skin, it is not enough to just add it to the cart and pay. Many games have an internal currency system and operate with points that can be exchanged for additional content, for example, FIFA Points in FIFA 23 can be used to buy in-game card packs with football players. 

The legitimacy of such a system is a topic of frequent and heated discussion in the gaming community because it has strong pros and cons. On the one hand, developers are accused of being greedy, on the other hand, the optional nature of the purchase of points and a way to additionally support a favorite studio, are pointed out. Thanks to points and gamers willing to buy them, many games can remain free to play for everyone.

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What can you buy for Riot Points, and FIFA Points?

There is an unwritten agreement between players and game developers that additional paid content should not significantly change gameplay. Like in the FIFA series, with FIFA Points you can only buy card packs, with no control over what players are inside. It is good practice to treat all your customers equally. But how to reconcile the interests of those who have spent their money on additional content and free players? Game developers most often decide to create visual add-ons that allow the change of appearance of the character and upgrade packages (boosts) that help to achieve some game goals faster. 

The real behemoth of skins is Riot Games and its flagship game League of Legends. It has over 140 heroes, and the appearance of each of them can be changed with at least a few skins and recolors. Along with other cosmetic items and some consumable XP boosts for new players, all can be bought with Riot Points. The same is true for the League of Legends younger sibling, Valorant. This FPS game offers weapon skins, characters, sprays, and items for Valorant points. The convenience for players of both titles is the fact that the Riot Points gift card can be exchanged for standard RP and Valorant points.

FIFA 23 is a game that is based on assembling teams composed of players whose cards can be obtained thanks to points earned in the game for won matches and with paid FIFA Points. Both paying and free users have access to the same cards, so in theory, they have an equal chance on the field, but the amount of time they have to spend to get them is definitely different. With in-game coins, gamers can buy a specific player at the in-game marketplace, meanwhile, FIFA Points can get only be used to get card packs with random content.

What are other popular game points?

Game developers are delighted to provide various features and facilities for players that can be purchased with in-game currency. GTA V, which has been breaking records of popularity for a decade, offers the possibility to top up an in-game wallet with the so-called Shark Cards. When they’re used, our character in the game receives additional funds that can be spent on upgrades or cosmetic items.

Similarly, Guild Wars 2, has a gem-based payment system with consumables such as elixirs and boosts, additional slots for backpacks, or slots for another character. Game points can also be found in mobile games because they are often their main source of funding. In titles like PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battleground) or Garena Free Fire, points can be used to purchase cosmetic items as well as some battle passes. 

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