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Have you ever wished to become someone else, even for a moment? The good news is that video games can help you make that wish come true. The act of impersonating a fictional character in a fictional setting is called role-playing, and before the video game era, it had many forms, such as tabletop games and LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). It’s good to get out of your skin sometimes, so these “analog” games are still popular among fantasy fans.

Along with the development of video gaming, RPG games were born and quickly became players' favorite. Thanks to immersive environments and captivating storylines, many RPG titles became iconic. Whether you’re a veteran RPG gamer or only a humble beginner who just wants to learn about the genre, GameSeal is the perfect place for you. In our catalog, you will find old and new RPG games at great prices, with instant delivery. With GameSeal, you don’t have to strain your wallet to play the best games.

What are RPG games?

There are a few characteristic elements that a game must have to be an RPG game. A player has to be controlling actions of a character (or more, then it’s called a party) in a fictional setting. Most RPGs have some kind of character creator, allowing gamers to make an avatar according to their liking by selecting appearance and personality/abilities.

Characters can develop during the playthrough, and there are character statistics to keep track of. Usually, RPG games are very immersive thanks to well-done storytelling and complexity. They often involve world exploration and require interaction with other characters in the game. The best RPG games have great replay value, meaning players like to complete them again after the first run.

The Core Elements of RPG Gaming

The core idea of RPG gaming is that player’s choices matter and influence the story development. This is a remnant of classic text-based RPGs, as well as a strong focus on rich dialogues between characters. Another important aspect of RPGs is finding items and completing quests. Rewards for these quests are typically money, experience, or pieces of equipment, which all help with the story progression and character development.

To explore the world and complete quests, characters need abilities. Occasionally, their performance depends on luck, which is another feature of text-based RPGs, when the dice roll decided, for example, on the strength of the attack. Classic games heavily influenced video gaming, and there are signs of this in every game, especially RPGs.

A Short History of RPG Games

As we mentioned before, RPGs were quite popular long before the first video game was created. It is somewhat hard to determine which video RPG game was the first one, but a lot of them were developed in the mid-1970s. From that time, titles worth mentioning are: Dungeon & Dragons (based on the massively popular table-top game with the same title), Rogue (a 2D dungeon crawler), and Akalabeth: World of Doom.