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There are only few games in the history of gaming that have had such a significant impact on the entire industry as World of Warcraft. This game was so popular that at some point it even broke into the media mainstream, which at that time was not very interested in the subject of video games. These were the days when gaming was not perceived favorably by society and only a negative impact on young people was seen in it. It was no different with World of Warcraft, which became the victim of several “scandals” in which it was accused of violence promotion, etc.

Fortunately, this did not prevent the golden child of Blizzard Entertainment from breaking successive records of popularity. A milestone happened in 2010 when the game had over 12 million subscribers. World of Warcraft seems to have its heyday behind it, but that doesn't mean it's still not a worthwhile game. If you're looking for a cheap WoW subscription, you've come to the right place. Together with GameSeal, you can start (or continue) your adventure in the land of Azeroth, and at the same time take care of the well-being of your wallet.

A World of Warcraft, magic, and fantastic adventures

World of Warcraft premiered in 2004 as a separate MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) in the Warcraft universe, which players could get to know thanks to previous Blizzard Entertainment games. Familiar characters, places, and stories, set in an open world that can be freely explored, were almost a ready-made recipe for success. Players fell in love with World of Warcraft, which also turned out to be a place of interesting meetings and making friends by players from around the world. The ability to complete quests together, join teams to complete dungeons, join guilds that help in the game, and many other features supporting interactions between players, allowed to build a thriving and friendly community.

By modern MMORPG standards, the first installments of World of Warcraft were really hard and tedious, but thanks to the support of friends and strangers met all along the way, even the most monotonous quests became just good fun. Fortunately, a lot has changed since its launch, and WoW now has plenty of social features that make it easier to group up and play together. It's a very good time to join in the fun if you haven't already.

World of Warcraft subscription – what do you need to know?

Many MMORPGs try to attract players with a free-to-play model, but World of Warcraft is not one of them. To play the game, players need to purchase a subscription, which can be purchased in the official game store, or at an affordable price on GameSeal. For the most avid gamers, there is a reward because the subscription can also be purchased with gold earned in the game. If entrepreneurship in Azeroth is not your best feature, don't worry, you can show your affinity for real-world business and buy a subscription for cheap in our shop.

Another important thing to remember: When purchasing a subscription, it is worth remembering that these keys are region locked, which means that if you buy a code for a non-matching region, you won't be able to activate it. So choose carefully and when in doubt don't be afraid to use our friendly support. 

One subscription to rule them all

One of the reasons for the success of World of Warcraft is refreshing old and adding new content. The game grows and changes over time and as the story unfolds. The happening events affect the topography of maps and lands, there are new playable races and character classes, new places, mechanics, and quests. There is never a dull moment in this game!

Even a constant source of excitement can become boring, which is why some players began to look at the first versions of the game with sentiment. After many years of adventuring, raiding, collecting items and completing quests, some players wanted to feel the magic that drew them to the game in the first place. And so, at the urging of the community, Blizzard Entertainment resurrected the classic version of the game and its first 3 expansions. This allows both old and new players to go back in time and experience World of Warcraft in its golden age. All in one subscription, which you can buy cheaper on GameSeal.