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I cannot find the key.

Did you check your GameSeal library?

All your purchases should be visible in the My library section of your GameSeal account.

Was the product you purchased marked as “Pre-order”?

If yes, then you will receive your code as soon as the game is released.

Are you checking the email address you've used to purchase?

Please be sure to check the inbox of the email address you used to make a purchase on our site. Please also check your spam folder as the confirmation email can sometimes end up there.

Check to see whether your funds are not reserved/pending or if they have been refunded already.

In rare cases, technical issues might prevent us from delivering the key you've purchased. If this happens, we will either refund your money or contact you directly to resolve the issue. If you haven't heard from our support team yet, please check your spam folder, or Contact us directly.

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